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Charles Barkley: The Round Mound of Double Down

May 19, 2008

Charles, Charles, Charles. We’ve heard Charles say that he’s lost over $10 Million over the years gambling, but that he has it all under control. I guess he just likes to have fun, and if you make loot like Sir Charles, you must really need to put it on the line to feel like you’ve got something at risk. Doesn’t he know the first rule of gambling? The house always wins. Eventually.

Sure, if you throw 100 grand down on a hand of blackjack, you can drop a ace and a queen and end up with a quarter mil in your pocket. Nice. On the other hand, you can also lose $100,000 dollars in a matter of seconds. Not so nice.

Is anyone surprised? Charles told us he was not a role model way back in 1993. Charles has plenty of money to spend. It is clear he hasn’t missed a meal since he retired.

Or stopped paying green fees to go play golf with that terrible swing of his.

The Wynn Casino in Las Vegas sued Chuck for $400,000 that he owed in debt from Superbowl bets. (My guess is that his money was on the Patriots?) Who drops damn near a half a million on a football game? I bet he’s more pissed at the Pats O-line then Belichick. How far does a casino have to be pushed to sue one of their “big fish”? Charles won’t be dropping any more loot at the Wynn…and that is saying something because you know Chuck will find a place to keep on gambling.

Charles, you think it is time to admit you might have a little, tiny, small, minuscule gambling problem???

I know, I know, it’s hard. Dick Bavetta will kiss it and make it feel better.

That’s awkward.