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Buckeey Speaks Out About Sex Tape

July 18, 2008

Anybody who reads this blog regularly knows I have an unholy interest in Shay “Buckeey” Johnson. And then when she came correct with that sex tape (found HERE), my initial “interest” was ahem fully confirmed.

Now baby girl is speaking out on her sex tape. I don’t want to ruin the moment, so I’ll let her explain the release to you in her own words:

It troubled me to find out my ‘intimate act of love’ was classified as a sex tape. I didn’t speak on it because I knew how tender the situation was between me and my partner. I didn’t want to point fingers at anyone or come out with any names because it was then and still is very much my personal business. Over these past few weeks I have been tortured by strangers about what happened, who was I with, did I release the tape on purpose to get publicity, can I prove to them it was me and multiple other random and indecent requests and questions. So I’m forced to make a statement. Once you become a personality on television (slow down girl) you become the target of haters and I am no different (you got that right), the release of the tape was done by a hater, stolen by a hater and is just another blatant case of bitchassness.

Intimate act of love? Buckeey acts like we didn’t watch the damn tape. Well, I didn’t, but you know. If looking at the camera, barely acknowledging “your partner, and taking it raw dog up the back door are the elements of this “intimate act of love” then Flavor really f*cked up when he didn’t pick you.

With that arse you’re sporting and that mic game you displayed, I can’t imagine a single dude who wouldn’t want your kind of intimacy in-house. And baby, it’s called a “sex tape” because you were on tape having sex. That’s what happens when you’re taking dack and sucking cack, all while keeping eye contact with camera one. And that money shot line she delivered on cue, veeeery intimate. It was tender even.. oh what was it? Oh yes:

“Yes, he just nutted all over me.”

Bang! I wonder who that message was for? You, the Nut-tee or dude, the Nutter. And no, I can’t quite imagine why either one of your would need to be told that just happened. But hey, that shit was like T.S. Eliot yall. Or was that Eliot Spitzer. I can’t tell. I will give MAJOR points to Buckeey for sticking that landing at the end with that “Bitchassness” line, though.

That was hot. Only when you’ve got reindeer in your blood line and you’re better around Mics (or Mikes) than Scottie Pippen, I don’t think the term will be read the same way. I mean, it definitely was some “Assness” going on in that video. And while I would never call you a beeeyatch, well, others might. At any rate, more Buckeey is good for my life and the more “projects” she does, the happier I am.

I just want to see the rest of her sex tape. And if she didn’t release it, she should be thanking whoever did. Let’s face it, she didn’t make the cut for I Love Money, which means that Pumkin even gets higher billing than her. Meanwhile, Tiffany “New York” Pollard is quietly going on her 5th or so reality show in a row.

You know you’re a low level broad when New York is whoopin your ass in the ratings. Sheeeit, Buckeey needs to come out with a whole line of pornos just to get a callback errr look for true love on VH1 again. Out.

– Lake

New Kind of “Flavor” of Love: Buckeey Sex Tape

May 28, 2008

Wow, new evidence that the Sex Tape Gods are good.

Remember a few weeks ago when I asked for the gods to bring me a new sex tape? Then remember how I professed my guilty admiration for Shay “Buckeey” Johnson, not once, but twice? Sure you do.

Well, once I came back from my crawfish extravaganza over Memorial Day Weekend I woke up to glorious tales of Buckeey Sex Tapes. I did a quick search and *bang* there it was! And oh yes, IT WAS the Buck-meister herself, showing some skills that certainly can pay her billz. And even better, the dirty deeds all went down to some hilarious and appropriate “Jaws” inspired music. I mean, on the rizzeal, peep that NSFW video right HERE or check out the far less inspiring but completely NSFW still shots right here.

Daaaamn. Can I ask, what’s up with women and that “I just got F’d” look yall get. I mean, if I showed you the above pic and you were mildly familiar with getting some arse, you’d know for certain that someone was just getting deep on this broad. Anyway, I appreciate the effort Shay put into this venture, in fact, I think she should quite whatever career she now proclaims to have and just concentrate on big belly dude sex tapes. And don’t get me wrong, I know mostchicks can handle their basic biz in the bedroom, but it’s just nice to get some confirmation that they definitely can (or in Kim Kardashian’s case, can’t) too. I also appreciated the full on post mic check and back-shot “press conference” where she hooked up the completely gratuitous: “Yes, he just nutted all over me” commentary.

Damn, the blog readers may want to rethink their position on chicken headz, baby mamas, video hoes and gold diggers. Now I see why cats kick it with these broads. I mean, that was like watching Miss New Booty, only better.

Now I’ll need to ax the sex tape gods for that Flavor of Love 3 chick “Black’s” sex tape.

Wow, do yall see that hook on picture two? Jeez, she’s got some thangs going on! I mean, baby girl has a body that won’t quit and anyone that dated TO is alright with me as long as she’s a woman (am I the only one who thinks TO might be a bit suspect?).

Also, I mean, come on. A white girl named “Black;” it just doesn’t get any better than that. Sex Tape Gods, I beseech you, bring me more video and reality hizzies unto me: ooooooooohhhhmmmmm…..

– Lake


Damn Lake. I thought you never watched. All the previous joints were tapes “you heard about from a guy, to said he might have seen it, and said that if you click here you might be able to go see what I’m talking about.” But I guess Buckeey brought you straight to the raw uncut, huh? Hey, I understand. Aside from Hoopz and the new Ms. Black she’s definitely one of the baddest Flavor of Love chicks out there.

Now wasn’t there a rumor that UvT favorite Andre 3000 was hitting that back in the day? I’m sure he knew nothing about this tape. Andre, did you hit it?

You damn right he hit it…and he’d do it again. Don’t let the gear and interpretational singing fool you. Andre is still straight ATL when he needs to be. The best thing about this tape? All the other tapes are always some dumb shit the chick did years ago before they knew they were going to blow up, or from when “they were in love”…this joint looks like it could have been recorded last week. Great.


I hate to say it, but Zeke is a disgrace

October 3, 2007

Awwww, damn.


I tried not to talk about this story, lord knows I did. But I just can’t go silent any longer and keep my vast reservoir of credibility intact. Hot dammit!!! Isiah Thomas is one of my favorite players of all time. So when I say this, it really hurts me. But when a jury found yesterday that as a result of Zeke’s crude remarks and unwanted sexual advances (three words no working man EVER wants to hear with reference to “hisself”) Madison Square Garden, the parent company of the New York Knicks, had to pay former employee Anucha Browne Sanders $11.6 million, my man Zeke became a disgrace.


It’s UGLY people. Real ugly. Because when they found that MSG was liable, they basically validated all those salacious charges that I hoped would sort of go away along with a”Jigga, Zeke not guil-tee” finding. All that talk about Zeke starting his sentences in reference to her with the slur “bitch” as in:

“Bitch, I don’t care what fools say, gimme Stephon Marbury AND Steve (not your) Franchise in my backcourt;”or

“Bitch, I told you to fill my candy dish without any red M&Ms, you know I aint ate the reds since the 1976 scare, now go pick them out…bitch.”

Awwww, I can’t take it. Then he tried to justify that patently horrible and indefensible practice by claiming some sort of “it’s me bitches” privilege. I mean did this cat actually try to sell the concept, in court mind you, that he possessed some sort of unwritten intra-racial license which allowed him to preface all comments with “bitch” when addressing a black woman in the workplace? Insanity! Damn Zeke, just damn. Who does this cat think this is?


And how many pieces of premium and low rent tail has he gotten with the same tactics? The ghost jab in all this that cats aren’t understanding is that Zeke was (and still is), married at the time of these alleged “sexual advances” which does not bode well for the home life. Man oh man, this chick must have had some serious assets to get Zeke to want to get at her like this. I mean, she must have been an Andrew Firestone special or looked as tight as KG’s lady, hell, Robert’s lady from Making the Band 4? No? Hottie from Flavor of Love? Well, den, what does this enchanting and irresistible siren look like such that Zeke couldn’t lay off the damn heat?


STOP, IT’S THE MUTHAFUCKING REMIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the chick Zeke publicly disgraced himself for? What in the fuck is this world coming to? Lordy hep me.. seriously, I feel like Fred Sanford, “Elizabeth, I’m comin, cuz this is the BIG ONE”.. What the hell is wrong today?!?! Surely this can’t be a fair representation of the woman. Let’s see.


Hot dammit! This babe is seriously no joke. I can’t lie, I’m a bit frightened over here. Maybe Zeke had to insult her to keep the chick at bey. I mean, let’s face it, she’s an intimidating force. Oh, oh now wait. I was just going to make a standard crack about this chick being able to post Zeke up rather than get sexually harassed by her, that was, until I realized that she really can (and has) POST A NILLA UP!!!! WTF?!


Sheyut, if they’re gonna pay this broad $11.6 Million, they might as well start her alongside Zack Randolph. Forget David Lee, the kNicks need some hard hittin brothers from the streets. You know, heavy handed, rough and rugged types who will do the dirty work. Wild Anucha fits right in. Dammit, Zeke, what you want with a chick like that? Then again, we might have seen this coming:


Don’t say it’s never crossed you mind. Hey, if you like kissing up on 6′, 9″ phenoms and he did.


(Oh, that little smile on Zeke’s face, it’s just too much.)

Then something in a Triple X/extra wide, like this, might appeal to you.


Oh man, I don’t feel right. I mean, my whole day has been ruined. I gotta get my compass back on track, so I’mma go head and post up some pictures I want to see. Sure, they have nothing to do with this topic, but I’m starting to feel like I don’t know who I am when a great icon like Zeke goes down this path. So here you go.


(With all the silicone mamis running ’round here, sometimes we can forget that these things still occur naturally, in the wild. This babe has some serious things going on up Too bad she’s crazy as hell.)

If this isn’t proof that ALL THINGS are relative then I don’t know what is, because Bootz from Flavor of Love 2 never looked(ed) better. I might have to give her a call. And I usually don’t do this, but let’s go head and keep the party going.


Ahhh, emergency averted. Miss New Booty Buckeey herself just saved me from a meltdown. I value balance in all things. Believe you me, this was my Base to that Acid I saw above. OUT.

– Lake (keepin it real)