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New Kind of “Flavor” of Love: Buckeey Sex Tape

May 28, 2008

Wow, new evidence that the Sex Tape Gods are good.

Remember a few weeks ago when I asked for the gods to bring me a new sex tape? Then remember how I professed my guilty admiration for Shay “Buckeey” Johnson, not once, but twice? Sure you do.

Well, once I came back from my crawfish extravaganza over Memorial Day Weekend I woke up to glorious tales of Buckeey Sex Tapes. I did a quick search and *bang* there it was! And oh yes, IT WAS the Buck-meister herself, showing some skills that certainly can pay her billz. And even better, the dirty deeds all went down to some hilarious and appropriate “Jaws” inspired music. I mean, on the rizzeal, peep that NSFW video right HERE or check out the far less inspiring but completely NSFW still shots right here.

Daaaamn. Can I ask, what’s up with women and that “I just got F’d” look yall get. I mean, if I showed you the above pic and you were mildly familiar with getting some arse, you’d know for certain that someone was just getting deep on this broad. Anyway, I appreciate the effort Shay put into this venture, in fact, I think she should quite whatever career she now proclaims to have and just concentrate on big belly dude sex tapes. And don’t get me wrong, I know mostchicks can handle their basic biz in the bedroom, but it’s just nice to get some confirmation that they definitely can (or in Kim Kardashian’s case, can’t) too. I also appreciated the full on post mic check and back-shot “press conference” where she hooked up the completely gratuitous: “Yes, he just nutted all over me” commentary.

Damn, the blog readers may want to rethink their position on chicken headz, baby mamas, video hoes and gold diggers. Now I see why cats kick it with these broads. I mean, that was like watching Miss New Booty, only better.

Now I’ll need to ax the sex tape gods for that Flavor of Love 3 chick “Black’s” sex tape.

Wow, do yall see that hook on picture two? Jeez, she’s got some thangs going on! I mean, baby girl has a body that won’t quit and anyone that dated TO is alright with me as long as she’s a woman (am I the only one who thinks TO might be a bit suspect?).

Also, I mean, come on. A white girl named “Black;” it just doesn’t get any better than that. Sex Tape Gods, I beseech you, bring me more video and reality hizzies unto me: ooooooooohhhhmmmmm…..

– Lake


Damn Lake. I thought you never watched. All the previous joints were tapes “you heard about from a guy, to said he might have seen it, and said that if you click here you might be able to go see what I’m talking about.” But I guess Buckeey brought you straight to the raw uncut, huh? Hey, I understand. Aside from Hoopz and the new Ms. Black she’s definitely one of the baddest Flavor of Love chicks out there.

Now wasn’t there a rumor that UvT favorite Andre 3000 was hitting that back in the day? I’m sure he knew nothing about this tape. Andre, did you hit it?

You damn right he hit it…and he’d do it again. Don’t let the gear and interpretational singing fool you. Andre is still straight ATL when he needs to be. The best thing about this tape? All the other tapes are always some dumb shit the chick did years ago before they knew they were going to blow up, or from when “they were in love”…this joint looks like it could have been recorded last week. Great.


I’ll Admit It: I Kinda Like Buckeey

April 3, 2008

Update: Check out our post on the Buckeey Sex Tape

It’s not right, but it’s ok. I know it’s totally off topic and I’ll probably lose some cool points, but for some reason I’ve always liked(ed) Buckeey of Flavor of Love 2 fame.


How terrible is Bootz by the way? I mean, just horrible. Those Js are sittin on dubbs, but it’s like terrible plastic dubbs, nothing like what you want. And that medium grey-beige face paint is just incorrect and repugnant. Reminds me of a corpse laid up in the pine box where everyone gathers around talking about “how good” so and so looks. Meanwhile, 90% of the time they look bad and 70% of the time they look completely unrecognizable. Damn, that was a MAJOR digression. Back to Buckeey.

I can’t completely justify why I like her, but I just do. I don’t know, maybe she appears to have a shred of common sense….or maybe it’s just dat ass.


Yeah, dat azz has plenty to do with it. Clearly she’s got a superior body, but there’s something more. I think it’s the way she stands honestly. I’ve always liked the pitbull in a skirt stance, ya know? See dudes who have dealt with a thick, athletic chick will know what I’m talking about. Sometimes you just need a sturdy woman.


Don’t get me wrong folks, I fully recognize that this chick is mostly terrible. Like 83% of what she’s done is certified awful. That damn Flavor of Love 2, Charm school was a debacle (why did Mo’nique do that foolishness?). I mean, she was at her best when the rumor came out that she was dating Andre 3 stacks and then that was a lie… Anyway, I can’t put my finger on it, but I like it. Maybe a little too much.

– Lake