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Newsflash: ‘Lovable’ Farve Was a Dick All Along

August 6, 2008

Hey, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.  I called it back in the day.  Yep, yet another media creation of a “good guy” one of “their guys” gets exposed for what he really is:  A dead up asshole.

I mean, look at the smug look on that cat’s face in the midst asking for a trade a full 24 hours after he was reinstated.  The balls on this fuckin’ guy!

He just loves the game,” they say.  “He has a passion for winning,” they cry.  One of the greatest Quarterbacks to ever play the game.”





Sure…How about drug addict, probably can’t stand to be around his wife and kids and thus un-retired, and classless ingrate who is literally biting the hand that’s been feeding him for over a decade now.

But let’s not forget, Brett has fucked up in the past.  You just never hear about that.  And when he fucked up, they found a way to fix that too.  “Brett’s a gunslinger, that’s what he is.”

If by “gunslinger” you mean interception machine, then yes, the mufucker is a gunslinger. He took that gun and slinged my fantasy football team into the toilet a few years back.  I mean, come on.  Let’s not forget, dude was “addicted to painkillers” and they spun that into his “dedication to the game he loves.”  Riiight, either that or dude was a junky.  And let’s not forget that he initially refused to help mentor Aaron Rodgers when he first arrived in Green Bay. I know, I know, that was all about his “passion to compete.”  Riiight.  Of course that’s it.  And when TO complains about McNabb or Jeff Garcia, he’s “a cancer in that locker room.”

Give me a break.  I bet you that dickhead Joe Buck has his entire staff researching how this entire fiasco is somehow the fault of Randy Moss, Deion Sanders and Terrell Owens.  Pleez.  Brett’s just another asshole who was finally put in a position to show us all his true colors.  Just like Roger Clemens.


– Lake