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The Brett Favre Saga Keeps Getting Better

August 1, 2008

I can’t tell if Brett Favre is a hero, an asshole, or an evil genius, but I’ve never seen anything like this.  Brett Favre got two consecutive Man Up Mondays, might have gotten a third if Miguel Cotto hadn’t punked out at taken a knee at the end of that fight.  It has gotten so bad that the Packers are asking begging Brett Favre to stay away.  To which Brett Favre replied, “Sure thing, chief”.

Then Brett said, “Now when I said I was going to stay away from camp, I meant I wasn’t going to beak out the s’mores and tents at the camp grounds near my house in Mississippi not Packers training camp.”  Brett Favre is talking about going to Packers camp, punking Aaron Rogers for his job, creating a split in the team, making the coach and the owner play one of the worst games of chicken in the history of sports.  In fact I think Brett is going to try to steal the team one man at a time.

I get it, the Packers want it all.  Brett put them in a horrible position by playing this whole thing out in public, but he’s at least partially right.  The Packers are ready to start building the next Brett Favre in Aaron Rogers, but can’t move on…they could end up with nothing.  Favre wants to play, but may end up playing for the Bears or the Vikings and rolling up into Lambeau at least once a year and whooping on the Packers.  The Packers can’t have that. In fact, the Packers think that would be sooooo bad.  They allegedly offered Brett, $20,000,000 to stay at home.  I mean no one has gotten paid that much to not do shit since Brady Quinn (damn, haven’t gotten one of those in for a long time).

Brett could’ve cashed that in and been straight rollin’

Where is this clown going to end up?  I think he has one of the best seasons of his career wherever he ends up, as long as it is not Green Bay.  I know my man Grande Mequon does not like this.  Nope, not one bit.