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Barack Obama takes Maryland, Virginia and DC!!!

February 13, 2008

Damn, homey!! Barack didn’t have to open the can up on Hilly C like that, did he?


As my girl Jabber Jules in NYC via Chocolate City would put it, “Now datz whuzzup!!!” My word and he took those states by HUGE margins, too. Young B went ahead and took the entire Mid-Atlantic region in one night and then came up for air in Wisconsin like, “It’s me bitches!!!”


Damn.. Most impressive. That makes Texas a MUST WIN for young Hilly C and recently chilled Bill. Dude, Hill just looks like a broken woman at this point.


I would say she’s off message, but I can’t tell what the hell her message is at this point. “Pick me, I’m a lot like Barack, only better!” Jeez. I think that UvT endorsement of Barack Brock unexpected dropped on Hilly’s head the other day must have really hurt. She had to admit that Barack was gaining traction and really had to make some heartfelt concessions about his appeal. Take for instance how she changed her campaign song from “Don’t stop Believing” to a Barack themed rendition of Duffle Bag boy:

If Obama don’t do nothing he gone ball
He runs that campagin like a clock on the wall
Now go and get them votes little duffle bag boy
Go and get them votes lil duffle bag boy AND MONEY
I aint never ran against a n—

ok, enough… But I’ll put the original below because it’s just timelessly hot. Lil Wayne for VP!

I’m just now pumping this in the ride with the proper balance of volume, treble and bass. GET MONEY.. so good.

– Lake