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Adriana Lima: It’s Lima Time!

November 5, 2007

Adriana Lima is a Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model and always on everyone’s hot list. Now we like a special kind of woman here at Us Versus Them, so let’s see how she holds up.


Ok, she’s a pretty girl. Brazil generally gives you what you want. This is your basic chick with a little extra exotic flavor. Fair enough. You know UvT likes that A more than that T, so let’s see what else we can find.


We’ve got a slight turn here. Now I’ve got my masters in assology and I know good and well where this is going right now. Those hips and thighs aren’t even setting up right. She is silky smooth like Lake likes ’em though. Let’s move on.


Now see…I told you. She’s up in here packing the Spongebob Squarebutt. That is confirmed negative arse right there. The cameraman isn’t helping her at all either by cutting off her buttcheeks at the bottom.  They just look like they might keep travelling down her legs with no crease at all.  There might also be some bad photoshop action in there making that line too straight.  She’s a cute girl though. I’ll give her another shot.


Okay, at least she knows how to work with what she’s got. She tries to prop it up with her stance, but she’s not tricking old Brock. A for effort on the back arch though.

So why do people love this chick so much?


Oh damn…That is a picture of pure sexy right there. It’s in the eyes, not in the thighs.  By the way, does the nipple make it porn or art?

Oh yeah, and just to prove I’m not blind, there is also this…


She’s got some heathly lungs on her.

Welcome Adriana, you’re one of Us now.