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Lunar Eclipse: Kim Kardashian’s Ass Blocks Out the Moon

February 21, 2008

As astronomers talking about the lunar eclipse last night, this asstronomer had his eyes on another phenomenon.  Kimmy K hit the streets to let cats know she’s still got it, and can still get it.  So I’m gonna go back to our roots and give the people what they want.

First let’s take a look at the full on backshot.


Look people, she is just walking and the crease of her ass completely folded and tucked that dress up under.  If she learned how to clap her booty cheeks together, her ass might be able to fold the dress completely and put it back in the closet for her.

How about the baddest side profile in the business? (Biel makes a good run at it too)


The slope on that thang is crazy.  She’s giving it some extra arch in the back too.  Help me please!

Now what about when she gets that ass cocked?  No, not like that…although we’ve seen that already.  I mean when she cocks that ass to the side…damn we’ve seen that already too.  Intern!  Run my pic!


This gives you the real feel.  That waist stays tight while the tail really blows up.  Kim Kardashian, you are on the verge of the Us Versus Them hall of fame.  Just slip Lake that Aubrey O’Day Sex Tape and you will be a lock for a unanimous vote.