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OH MY WORD: Ashley Dupre Sex Tape

July 15, 2008

Dude, usually I’ll tell you that I don’t see these things, but some rat bastard hit me with a “look at this” link and I just went there, foolishly, and this is what I found:

Homey, all I can say is that Eliot Spitzer knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he got a 7 diamond, 8 star, 6 out of 6 turned around baseball cap level whore.

Dog, I feel like I just saw a ghost.  All I can say about this chick is that if you took a vial of pure sex and somehow morphed it into a fleshy form with enough brain to dance around and hit, that’d be THIS chick.  Link is definitely NSFW and it’s definitely right here.

There’s that sideways hat again. lol  Maaaaaaayne, I think Eliot should run for reelection in NY.  After cats see this joint, they won’t be able to fault the man.

I mean, lord help us, what do yall expect the cat to do, NOT hit that?


– Lake