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Baby Versus Cobra

May 23, 2008

Now when I posted my animal battle royale a few weeks ago I have to admit this is a match up I never thought I’d see. You know I expect to see an elite eight match up of tiger versus rhino, maybe grizzly versus hippo in the final four. The unwritten rule is that a human would probably win any of these fights because we are smart enough to show up strapped. Except for the people foolish enough to this the local brown bear is friendly. But you even the playing field when you use a baby. I present Baby Versus Cobra.

That is crazy. The baby went in there half naked too. I like how the baby keeps raising up on the snake, keeps it moving forward. Where the hell did this video come from? I like the way the snake looks at the camera at 52 seconds like “What the Fuck Is Going on here? Child Services would have been called in long about .00034 seconds here in America. Is this the country of India trying to prove they’ve got the baddest babies on earth?   Well it might be, because here is white baby versus fake cobra.

What kind of shit is that? The Indian baby was in there for a full minute. This kid didn’t make it 30 seconds before he was ready to make a run for it.

Where is cobra versus black baby you say?

Black People don’t play that shit.


Snake vs. Cat

May 9, 2008

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of an animal kingdom battle royale. You know field 64 animals of various levels of danger and visciousness and pair them off. Who would win? Sure a pride of lions can take down an elephant, but what about one on one? Or crocodile v. panther. If the field was half water?

Snake v. Mongoose is always a classic.

We’ve seen Gator v. Wildebeest. Lion v. Gazelle. But you know you’ve got to mix it up. Throw in things no one would expect. Like this:

What do you know about Little Bitchy Dog v. Crab?  Sure, the crab has no stopping power, but that claw on the left looks dangerous…

…and delicious.

Now this would not have been an intriguing matchup, like a 15 v a 2 seed, but here is one that went down in real life. Kitten v. snake.

LIke I said, we know who wins, but check this out.

Damn, snake caught him feet first…