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Super Cougar Amy Fisher has a video

November 1, 2007

Wow, I was bumping around online and I saw this link about Amy Fisher’s sex tape that’s coming out soon.


I really had no interest, but I clicked on it or the “Long Island Lolita,” but I figured what the heck. It was a trailer for the real video (NSFW) and surprising, Amy Fisher actually looks pretty decent. Here are a few of the “clean” semi-SFW pics.


(Is it me or does she have on stockings in this pic?)

I mean, she must hold the title “Queen of all Cougars” or something, right? She’s perfect for the role though.


She cheated with someone’s husband, then tried to kill the wife as if she was the one fucking up. Then she did a small amount of jail time, got out and profited from her infamy.


(I like her better in these pics)

Now she’s laying down for a errrrr has this unfortunate release of her most intimate moments with the man she loves. I know, I know, her ex-husband, Lou Bellera, released this movie against her will. I know. And they don’t look at all staged or extra airbrushed or anything either. Whatever.

I guess she wants to boost her career and you know what, if the actual substance of the tape is as decent as the trailer (it can’t be) then she may have a chance. I can see her with a talk show or something.. You know, a sluttier Springer. Nice.