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Tranny TV Theme Continues: America’s Next Top Model

August 18, 2008

Awww hell.  Look, I’m not going to spend too much time on this one.  But this dude right here:

…is trying to pass himself off as a woman in the fashion industry.  And no, sticking your damn leg in an awkward position, like half the chicks now do on facebook (also veeeery annoying) is not going to make this any better.  YOU ARE A MAN!!!!  They have shows for mens like you.  It’s called, “Who Wants To Be Tyson Beckford’s Next Jump Off.”  Seriously, I’m probably the most liberal cat you’ll find anywhere, but this Tranny being tranny shit is not sitting well with me.  And I know Tyra likes to “shock” and “confront” issues, but we already live a whole rack of gay shit on ANTM as is.

I mean, you have that wilderbeast looking, no talent “runway coach” Miss Jay and then that so called Mr. Jay cat.

Gay and Gayer.  So now you want to add gayest?  For what?  So some glorified drag queen can get eliminated for not bringing out her eeer his “inner chi?”  WTF?!!  Even Diddy can’t believe yall mufuckers put this “man” on your show.

Yuck, I just don’t even want to talk about this shit anymore.  The show is already a stretch and Tyra is unbearable enough, now THIS?!?!  Horrible, terrible, awful.

– Lake