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Afroninja: Can’t Be Faded

July 30, 2008

You know we here at Us Versus Them support our heroes.  You’ve got to keep up with where they end up.  So you need to peep out the world famous Afroninja.

I mean you have to assume that the dude had some sort of skills since he came into the video with not one, but two pair of nunchucks.  You gotta love the commentary too.  “Are you okay?  No…he’s not.”

Well, that dedication to trying to still rock his nunchuck routine after he whooped his own ass made him internet famous.

Now he’s got himself a good man haircut and apparently also a legit job.

That cat still looks crazy to me, but he’s flipped it into a real movie script about the Afroninja.  Complete with dual nunchucks.

That still looks ridiculous.  Could be funny though, but how do you stretch a 10 second mistake into a feature film?  Probably going to be a sci-fi channel special.

Man, maybe we could get Star Wars Kid to be in the next star wars movie.  He could be Anaken Skywalker’s secret apprentice, Darth Cheetoe or something.

Maybe not.