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The Lord is my shepherd, he know what I want: Meagan Good

November 14, 2007

Hey, I was just bumping around the internet, doing what is it I do and I saw this.


Lord Jesus almighty. Hey, Arsenio said it best in Coming to America:

Only gawd, can make it-tah. Larry Flint-tah, Hugh Hef-nah, they can take the picture, but they can’t make it-tah, only gawd above the HUGH HEFNER ON HIGH (!!!) can make it-tah.

That’s how I feel about this babe. I mean, seriously. The Jets suck, but how can Thomas Jones be expected to give one damn sh*t about that when he’s making millions and banging out this chick at his leisure. Her J game is ridiculous. And I must ask, is there anymore room for me in those jeans?


And don’t think I missed that tiny bit of skin on the left.. Killing it. The lips, that purty hair, the boots, all of it. Such genius in her simplicity. Goodness! I feel like R. Kelly at a 3LW concert.


Hot dammit. Out.

– Lake