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The looming threat of the Negative Arse

August 10, 2007

I know this is a touchy subject (we’ve lost so many good men out there), but I felt I just had to say something after I saw this picture the other day.


(this particular debacle of a tail is Tara Reid, who would otherwise get absolutely no run on this blog)

Horrible, isn’t it? Makes you cringe. People don’t realize it, but all across America, men are being accosted by the threat of the negative ass piece or as it’s sometimes called on the street, yellow cake.


(Damn, you see how the tail just depresses two inches after that belt? Crazy)

It’s a syndrome that afflicts millions of young men who have to deal with these terrible, arse-less chicks who, experts say, often revel in their tail-less existence with no regard for those affected.


It’s a part of the sickness.. not knowing you have no ass.. Not knowing that it’s terrible for a dude to have to literally be bone on bone at all times when dealing with yo’ assless ass! And don’t you hate when an assless chick tries to act like it’s the other babes who are terrible. “How does she walk around with that thing?” or “She’s got a big ole ghetto booty“…. yeah and you’ve got the ass of of youthful John Stockton, which is worse?


I tell you, it’s a world wide conspiracy, which is why a legitimate chick with a decent end game caint even purchase a pair of solid designer jeans anymore. Wake up America. Call your congress woman. Tell her to get her arse in the gym, then she’ll feel what I’m saying. And just so you know arseless chicks, you are headed right down this road if you don’t tightened up your game.. I promise you.


Indeed, it’s either Mom Jeans or Mom slacks, either way, it’s horrible.


One thing we’ve learned over the past decade, it can be built, and if you build it, we will come. Squat thrusts and lunges ladies.. all day erryday and you too could look like this.


Well, maybe not. Love Kimmy K, even if Noelia murdered her performance on that Ray J tape with her fantabulous display of skill, power and agility…..again, wow. Out

This has been a Nilla Brother PSA,
from young Lake pretty flaco,
white Dahntay
In my Iroc Z
M to the A (meaning Massachusetts b*tches!!!!)
Go Sox!