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iPod Touch: This is What We’ve All Been Waiting For

October 4, 2007

So the “official” launch date for the iPod touch was this past Friday, but they actually hit the streets a few weeks ago. I had to fire Fitzy the intern because that little bastard didn’t get me one as soon as it hit the streets, but I stopped letting Lake run the internship program, and the new interns seem to be a little more on it.


I’ve been waiting for the touch screen iPod for almost two years, right after they started going to video and color and the rumors started flying. This is what the iPod always should have been, and really the first generation of a machine that really brings together music, video, and pictures the right way.

I know what you’re all thinking. What about the iPhone? Isn’t the Touch just a gimped version of the Jesus phone? Hell, as far as I’m concerned the iPhone is a gimped version of the iPod Touch. First of all, it has a bigger hard drive so you can fit more content on it. Second, you buy it and the damn thing is yours. No BS $75 a month service plan. No terrible service everywhere except downtown Atlanta (seriously, I was sitting with an iPhone in Midtown Manhattan and it didn’t have any damn service.) It would be nice to have some of the email functions and the navi searches, but otherwise it has everything you need.


Someone asked if I just wanted to get the new iPod just because I wanted to go *flicking motion*. And I said hell yeah. Then I got the damn thing. Let me tell you, the first time I hit a free wifi spot in a hotel room the damn thing was pure magic. Full surfing, and fast. Handheld Porn. YouTube access. iTunes downloads and purchases. You can hit your webmail. This thing is great. Hopefully they will keep unlocking things with the firmware upgrades (there already seems to be a hidden bluetooth radio in there). This is the first step toward a true handheld Mac…maybe a precursor to a Newton that will actually work. Not to mention watching video and TV on the thing. It was great. I need to figure out how to rip shows off my Tivo and I’ll be golden. Sure, I know they will probably have big bad ass 40Gig versions by next year this time…but for right now? Just go get it.


Illegal Tender: Hombres en el Barrio

August 23, 2007

John Singleton has finally come back to what works. Boyz in the Hood is still his best movie, so he flipped it and dropped it in Puerto Rico, and now he’s got Illegal Tender. Okay, not quite. Brock got an early sneak peek, and this joint is pretty hot.

Check the Trailer

It’s got chicks, guns, drug deals gone bad, revenge, all that. OK, it doesn’t have Ice Cube with a curl,


but otherwise it is a straight up modern gangster movie.

Did I mention there are mamis everywhere in this piece? It’s worth seeing this weekend.

Check it out.


And They Say Dreams Don’t Come True…

August 17, 2007

So I’m coasting through the news yesterday and this hits the wire, courtesy of the NY Post: Jessica Biel to appear nude in her new movie.  If you aren’t yet familiar with what that young lady is packing, here is some video evidence.

Did you see the way the booty had that extra little bounce in it?  I did.

I guess Powder Blue is about some stripper on Christmas Eve, Forrest Whittaker and Patrick Swayze are also in it…I’m sure redemption is involved at some point…whatever.  They’ve got my $10.50.  Hell, it could be the damn plot of No Holds Barred with Hulk Hogan and Tiny “Zeus” Lister (the worst movie I’ve ever seen) and I’d still go.


Jessica, you know what the people want.  UvT thanks you.  Alba…are you paying attention?