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The Michael Vick Experience: Not Guilty?

July 26, 2007

Ronald Michael Mexico Vick pleaded “Not Guilty” today in Richmond, VA when faced with formal Federal Competitive Dog fighting allegations.


Mike was all bitniz with his dark suit and even steven haircut. I guess those cornrows gave off that “yes I smoke the sweet grass, fight my dogs, and bang out unsuspecting babes with regularity” feel he wasn’t looking for. Damn Mike, we hope you are exonerated, but homey, I can’t lie. It’s not looking good. Jigga, Mikey not guil-ty? We shall see. Stay tuned.

Get at me dog: Vick gets slapped around by Falcons owner Arthur Blank

July 24, 2007


Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank held a press conference today with his GM, Rich McKay on the Michael Vick situation. All in all, Blank basically showed that he’s done with Mike Vick by throwing homey under the bus. I mean, Blank wanted to make it crystal clear that he did not condone Vick’s alleged AND known association with dogfighting.


Hey, no matter what side of the issue you’re on, it’s OVER between Mike Vick and the Atlanta Falcons. If he did it, they simply can’t keep him. He’ll have to be released and Blank is certain to go after Vick signing bonus money. If he’s found innocent, then Vick will have the knowledge that Blank went on tv and didn’t defend his character. Moreover, he said he wanted to suspend Vick for 4 games, the maximum suspension allowed, without Mike even getting his due process in the legal system.

I don’t know much, but I do know that the Falcons aint sh*t without Vick under center.


(Joey Harrington is going to replace Ronald Mex, yeah right)

Not so sure Blank and them should have come out and said this… I mean, Goodell gave them cover with the paid leave of absence, why add that they wanted to suspend Mike? Oh well. I guess they’re really trying to save face here, otherwise, they would have said this stuff BEFORE the indictment was handed up, not after….

I can tell you who is loving this, every minute of it — Jim Mora, Jr and the ENTIRE New Orleans Saints organization. What a mess.

– Lake

Vick investigated for Cockfighting too

July 18, 2007

We just got word that Vick is also being investigated for Cockfighting! Awww Mayne!


I thought some of Vick’s moves on the field looked a little familiar, a little animalistic if you will.


I guess he’s took a page out of Roy Jones, Jr’s book:

“Sucka move I stole from a Gamecock, YALL MUSTA FORGOT!!!!!”

That’s it, dogs is one thing, but once you start messing with Game Roosters, I’m just done. How is Vick gonna disrespect the chicken after how good it’s been to all of us over the years?

Damn, that’s f*cked up. Sorry Mike, I can’t help or support ya no more. To the Lions!!!!

– Lawful Lake


Damn Lake! That’s f’d up! You are going to trade my man Vick to the Lions? Oh wait….you mean feed him to the lions…gladiator style. That’s not so bad then. I thought you meant trade him to the Lions, Matt Millen style. Now that just ain’t right.


Where my Dogs at? Vick Gets Indicted!

July 17, 2007

Why must Mike be like dat, why can’t Mike fu&k with cats?


Awwwww, why why why?!?! One of our favorite players on our favorite teams, just got popped for dealling with some stankin, filthy dogs! Indeed, Ron Mexico errr Michael Vick, the cat who was supposed to change the QB position, the guy who was supposed to be Micheal Jordan in cleats, that guy, just got indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District for conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities and to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture.


Now we’ll just have to see what NFL Commissioner, slash Law enforcement officer, slash judge, slash omnipotent 12 man one head jury foreman/member Roger Goodell is going to do about this.


You know Emperor Goodell doesn’t mind making “determinations” before the legal system has run its course. But this here is Mike Vick, it’s not some random D lineman or some little known punt returner with a catchy name (Pac Man). Nah, this is ATL’s franchise, you can best believe Commissioner of All Truth and Justice and Knowledge Goodell will tread a bit more cautiously what with all those season tickets still outstanding. Let’s see how much sack he’s got this time.


Suspend him Roger, I double dog dare you!

– Lake Dog