What We’re All About…

Brock and Lake are here to tell it like it is.  Some people believe you can get away with anything if you just lay low.  We’re here to shine a spotlight on ya.  Sports, Entertainment, Business, Politics, we will be here to break it down to the most basic elements.  Enjoy.

7 Responses to “What We’re All About…”

  1. gerry Says:

    i stumbled across your blog….cool stuff. keep up the good work. glad to know there are fellow haters on the net. 😉


  2. Maurice Says:

    Hey, your Mike Tyson banner is better than this one. Oh well. Keep up the quality entertainment!!!

  3. Macanudo Says:

    yeah, that mike tyson joint is top notch…i’m rollin’ just thinking about it! but hey, change is inevitable, and mostly good – keep up the good work fellas!

  4. Blake Says:

    You need to find out if Timmy T is still scoping that broad with jugs and the silly t-shirt. He’s not exactly putting up heisman like numbers this season.

  5. Maurice Says:

    Ey, yall are slackin! Kimmy K has been on Dancing with the Stars for a week “to get in shape in preparation for a (Reggie Bush’s) baby,” and she has been bouncing it like Beyonce, and you have no updates???

    While you’re at it, be sure to give my mistress (lol), Cheryl Burke, some props!


  6. Lake Arlington Says:

    agreed… been busy saving out economy with our close colleague John McCain.. hey, something had to give, ya know?

  7. Will Says:

    Cheryl Burke, my Gawd. – Will has been sleeping. is he gonna make up for lost time? Hells, yes.

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