I hate to do this, but: “It’s So Cold In the D”


Dude, I really thought long and hard about not putting up this video, but I just couldn’t lay off that heat.  Now, I know we have a number of readers who live in or hail from the Greater Detroit area.  But I bet all of you didn’t know you had an anthem bouncing around the internet.  So I give you, “It’s So Cold In The D”:

…ummm… well..now..errr.  Who’s more shocked about this video, me, Shaq

Or Kwame Kilpatrick.

Yikes.  I know, I know, “It’s so cold at UvT, gonna get Lake in his sleep… wake him with my 9.”  I know. lol

– Lake

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28 Responses to “I hate to do this, but: “It’s So Cold In the D””

  1. KIR in NV Says:

    I was afraid to click because I didn’t want to recognize anyone. Fortunately, I think my people are clear. Is homegirl’s weave really color-matched to her blouse and kicks? WTF?

    The violence is no joke in Detroit, like many cities, but videos like this make me want to go hunting. Pourin it out for the homies?? Dragging lil man through the house produced video?? Somebody stop the madness.

  2. otis Says:

    hahahah its so colddddd in the d hahaha. i heard this on sirius one day and was like wtf is that chea detroit for the victory!

  3. Andrea Says:

    AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA what the F*** is that? A dead man in the beginning?? Like is this supposed to make me feel sorry for her and the ppl in Detroit? This should be a que to the kids around there to umm STAY IN SCHOOL. AH HAAAAAA orange weave…the 2 girls behind her are pretty tho!!

  4. red ell Says:

    The D is killing the hip hop game…except for this one song. hot garbage

  5. RosyF Says:

    Lake you ain’t right. It is times like this when I what I’m seeing is lo that I take the high road. Maybe the Idol judges can shed some light on this.
    Simon Cowell: This was utterly appalling.
    Randy: Dawg this just wasn’t good.
    Paula: You know, it is….you. You were expressing you and you looked good. I love the hair.

    I guess this is artistic expression. I don’t get it but I also don’t get most of the ish at the Tate Modern.

  6. Karl Eburne Says:

    Sweet Zombie Jesus, this is murder most foul….

  7. Quinn Says:

    I’m so glad I moved.

  8. Be On It Says:

    Thank you Lake, for reminding me why I try not to tell people where I’m from. I had been willfully ignorant of this fuckery for a while. My innocence is lost. I couldn’t even get through the whole video because I know people like that, well, know of. I keep it so low key that people in my neighborhood think I’m a distant cousin when I come home for a visit.

    What I saw was funny though.

  9. DHater Says:

    Only a nilla that didn’t give a f*ck would post that video….Good-n-Terrible indeed…

  10. Lake Arlington Says:

    Definitely on the edge. I agree. I should let you know that I got Brock’s ok first before I posted it, DHate. Now I gotta watch my back around you too? Damn. Wouldn’t be the first time!!! Hey, my position here is precarious. I get that. Blame it on Brock! He’s an enabler.

  11. Triple_B Says:

    It’s so cold in the D?! I don’t fucking care. It don’t matter to BZUS!!

    Hahahahaahaha This joint has brought me out of my buckeye induced alcoholic binge. From my girl’s forced elementary school play delivery (fuck that my brother did better than that in a young yellow izod sweater in 6th grade), to the off key, through out singing, to the bouncin in he PARKED mercedes! I was crying. I can’t believe they put this out. Reminds me why I hate and hate on Detroit. Did anybody realize that she matched “shit” with “shit” three times before she got to the final, spectacularly profound “it” gambit? Then then let’s talk about my girl wearin her little cousin’s jean jacket, and her solid background shoulder work! I swear this is hotter than Self Destruction! Can this chick take Mc Lyte (btw got-damn Mc Lyte!) in a straight up battle? I It’s so cold in the D may take it, but it’ll be close.

    Do you rob the rich and give to the poor? Yo daddy-o….school some more!


  12. Will Says:

    Maaaaan…. awesome post. And not the post itsef, but the commentary! First off,
    RosyF with the 1-person ‘Idol’ chatter….niiice!
    Then Be On it (who *verbally is lovely and I love it!) hits me with one of my bestest words in the English language – FUCKERY. lol
    Then Triple B brings it all home with the classic Self Destruction verse!
    Does it get any better than UvT? doubt it.

  13. Will Says:

    Lake- WHAT. THE. FUCK. don’t ever do shit like this again. Neveh, eveh….evahevahevahevahevah!!

    Now to wash the taste out of my mouth (cue up E. 99th and St. Clair!! CLEEEEVELAAAAAND!!!!)


  14. Will Says:

    sorry but Im a serious Bone fan – and I REALLY need to rinse that other shit out of my system!

  15. Lake Arlington Says:

    @ Red Ell, the D is definitely KILLING the rap game, only it’s not the way you’re saying it. When was the last hit coming out the D? “Hi my name is” ha terrible Sorry, but like Kurt Angle said “it’s true, it’s true”.

    @ Will, dude, I almost forgot about Bone Thugz..haaaa Cleveland’s finest. And I would clown those dudes, but I must admit, they were hype back in the day and on the front end of plenty of trends including the chick like perm, the braids and that horrible rhyming style. That “thugz” in harmony rhetoric let’s you know they were definitely on some sensitive thug mess. I suspect more than one of these cats is gay. But that flow is good n terrible though. And while that East 1999 is terrible, that Crossroads was hype.. especially when old man was playing cards and felt the presence of the angle of death… that was hot. that look on his face was priceless and the black eyes.. that was ill. I’ll definitely have to hook up a throwback post on that group. Will, finally a group I’ve heard of… ha


    AHHHHHHHHHHH HAAAAAAAAA Ther’e still no place like home. We all know that I’ve moved to Ann Arbor became a stuck up bourgie biatch and been workin on gettin that PHD…. However this is what reminds me of growin up in the D!!! lol P-Rock (plymouth rd) and Hubbell all day…… lol hahaha. bet ya’ll didnt know miss amarosa yes was once indeed a hood rat chick a down right projek chick … lol ….

    I actually took my husband on a tour of my old hometown … woah and he’s from los angeles so trust he was trippin…

    THANKS LAKE!!!!!

  17. Will Says:

    @Lake: Maaaaan what the hell are you talking about? Sometimes ioknow about you man….I keep re-reading your Bone comment….are…are u dissing Bone? are you serious?! Horrible rhyming style???? Thug rhetoric??? sensitive??! East 1999 terrible??? Bruh, I know u a white dude and all – but that was by far the worse, most clueless ‘analysis’ of Bone Thugs I’ve ever read! I ain’t tryna be Superfan or nothing, but the Bone flow is by far the illest lyricism in the history of rap music. U do realize these cats are actually saying WORDS? Or are they just too fast for you?
    In that case I can understand why u like Little Wayne haha

    If you don’t mind, I gotta share your comments with some people I know. lol You can expect a flood of commentation on this board – which I guess will be good for your hit counts/ ratings!

    (wow) that was the wildest shit I’ve heard come from you – even as wild as saying that music legends Big Daddy Kane, rakim, and tupac were overrated! (geeeeeeeeez!)

    but then again, u DO have Lil Wayne in your top rappers of all time list.

  18. Will Says:

    YO, BTW, that ‘hype’ Crossroads remix? Maaan that was their throwaway shit just for the radio ‘Crossover’ fans. Thats not even near their hottest shit!

  19. Lake Arlington Says:

    LOL, Will you are a hopeless homer. Believe me, more people feel about Bone the way I do than the way you do. Just think of Bone the same way as you thought about OSU’s chances last year on the field. Believe me, cats outside Ohio do not feel that Bone has “the illest flow in rap”.. ha I mean, did you actually hype that? Bone Thugs N Harmony. Ha I do like your rhetoric though. I can’t wait to hear Brock pile on about this. He’ll have my back and not just because he’s my boy. Young William, you’re my boy, but even our tight friendship can’t support Bone..ok?

  20. Will Says:

    Lake at times I think u live in a vacuum. DO you realize that Bone has CLASSIC…..C L A S S I C albums out?? I’m not tlaking about some bullshit ‘hot right now’ joints… these cats have sold over 50 million records! So you’re telling me that 50 million sold is in the minority? Meanwhile – in Bizarro world – Little Wayne (who’s in your Fave 5) recently went dubble Plat, which is good for him don’t get me wrong…but we ar etalking about a group that started an entire SUB-GENRE and rhyming style – and ur telling me that I’M in the minority? Yo, much as i like this blog, sometimes ya’ll be full of shit.

  21. friday Says:

    lil wayne does not get mentioned in the top 10 of anyone’s list over the age of 27. there’s too many other greats he’s sitting under and will not ever best. if you even listen to two or three of his “mixtapes”, his ass is saying the same thing, just saying it more creatively than the last. how many time can you hear about money or getting head? do these rappers not know that there’s life outside of the ghetto? that there’s a whole world of real artists laughing at the pettiness of “coke rap”, and how it hasn’t crossed over into mainstream music. only two have done it successfully: young jeezy (unfortunately), and the clipse. lil wayne may go platinum, but teenage girls make up the most popular buying audience. you think they know the words to every song off of an album? or do they know what the album cover looks like? so yeah, i’d definitely appeal to them with “lollipop”, a milli, and (surpise!!) got money. what about the fact that he did a song with babyface, a legend in his own right? its the hottest song on the album!

  22. Friday Says:

    So i found no blogs on bone thugs. but i did read my man will’s comments you made about bone thugs. first off, if you even listen to hip hop in this day and age, you have to give those dudes credit. seeing as how they only influenced about 90 percent of the artists out now. peep nelly, ray cash, eminem, lil wayne, kanye west, and chamillionaire, to name a few.

    the singsong flow, harmonizing (and yes, i’ve seen them and personally hang out with them when they came in town, they do perform certain songs acapella), and the rapid fire lyrics have even influenced the greats, living as well as posthumosly (check jay z, biggie, tupac, twista).

    so i only ask that next time you check the facts first. you can’t sell over 40 million albums and not make a dent in the history of hip hop. you can’t etch your name in the history books by being a one hit wonder (crossroads was awesome at best, broke the beatles’ record, for christs sake, but they’ve continued to consistently drop hot albums (excluding Thugs Stories) they’ve faired better on by going gold at least on every album since the first. who started the whole screaming out we thugs shit, anyway? it was in the name. everybody was a gangsta rapper before that. no one was singing choruses on thier own songs who wasn’t an r&b artist before they did it. now everyone’s doing it (using that stupid ass vocoder with no respect to roger troutman), and the texas rappers have pretty much taken over the style (z-ro, big pokey to name a few).

    who was rapping so fast you had to buy the tape (remember those?) when you heard the single and keep rewinding it until you had all the lyrics written down and could keep up with them? who was singing ballads about weed? who was the first to mention getting hated on by others? not no one. only the one and only bone thugs. so you keep on posting pics on kim k and coco and angel lola luv.

    great job, by the way, love the pics. i’m gonna keep buying every bone thugs album to make sure they keep putting new ones out.

  23. Lake Arlington Says:

    Gentlemen!!!!! We can chalk this up to a difference of opinion, but just so you know, nobody outside the state of Ohio agrees with you guys. You’re being homers, homies. I grew up in NY, but I believe that I can call it fairly straight in the hip hop game. Bone had an impact, no question. BUT, they were a flash in the pan kind of group and did not have much longevity. Now, you can say that fact was due to bias from the East or the emergence of southern hip hop, but I’m just saying… we’re talking about BONE, not Marvin Gaye, ok? This aint Bob Marley, it’s Bizzy Bone… Yall cats act like it’s real crazy to say these cats were mad gimmicky… I own know. I think I’m being pretty fair and I think you’d be hard pressed to find an objective voice to support you here. When it’s all said and done, Bone will take their place right next to The Lost Boyz in the rap game. Meaning, they had a few good songs, a couple albums, cats felt them, but ultimately, cats will not remember their name, nor would they attend a reunion concert or buy a remastered copy….Brock represents that South Side, let’s see what he says once he actually gets his candy ass back to work.

  24. friday Says:

    chief, i’m not even from ohio! i’m from d.c., and bone thug has the most loyal fan base of any group out there! from the dudes in the street to the corporate types in high rise offices. their fan base crosses gender, age, and race. if you grew up in NY, you grew up in buffalo, because their fan base in NY is deep. what you fail to realize is this: a decade ago, you only performed shows in big cities on each coast. you didn’t do small shows because you’d spend the money profited from that on gas for the tour bus, hotel, and let’s not forget you still have to pay your crew.

    hip hop was relatively small and hadn’t yet reached across to the broader audience and bigger paychecks. people in north and south carolina weren’t listening to bone, they were listening to outkast and goodie mob. cali was up on bone thanks to the late, great easy e, r.i.p. and of course d.c. and new york are two cities that could make or break your act. put it to you like this, lakey-boy: bone sold out a concert in d.c. and put on mo thugs, and they had only dropped their first single!!!! and they still rocked it!! you can’t be over the age of 26. this is just a subject you wouldn’t touch without knowing. you can’t compare bob marley and bizzy bone, they’re not in the same decade nor genre!! bob marley was about love and revolution and peace, and bone was not. the only thing the two artists shared was a love of weed.

    and how do you say that bone is a gimmick? read what i previously stated before. they have influenced most of the artists you listen to today, including your lil wayne. don’t believe me? listen to the games’ latest single where he’s singing the hook. listen to lollipop, where he sings the whole damned song. he started young money ent., and offshoot of cash money ent. bone started mo thugs records after they made it big, right? so isn’t he following in the footsteps of the model bone created? cuz no one else created labels after they were signed. they just got their friends to get signed on their labels. name one person or group who got signed and started a label and put out an artist and went platinum off the artist on not once, but twice (check mo thugs and mo thugs: family reunion)!! how many times has wayne put out an artist and went platinum off of him. not never! how many artists on young money have official releases out? only tyga. what the hell has he been on? bone thugs have won a grammy and a ama award, wayne has not.

    and don’t get me started on the legendary artists bone have worked with. let’s run down the list.
    1. big pun
    2. notorious b.i.g.
    3. 2pac
    4. the late bob marley
    5. sting (i’m gonna stop after this. i don’t even need to go further) let me just speak on the sting collab. sting doesn’t just let you sample his songs. he has to believe that your song is going to do his original masterpiece justice. so bone not only did justice to Home, they put this man in the video and it was number 1 for weeks.

    point is, lakey-boy, there isn’t a spot next to the lost boyz for bone. the lost boyz will be lucky if they get on the bottom of the page that bone headlines. you can’t name another hip hop quartet that has outsold bone, that has consistently dropped an album at least every two years for fourteen years (that kills your whole argument for a couple of albums as well as longevity), made numerous guest appearances, done songs on soundtracks, and continue to have songs on the playlists of djs at variety radio stations all around the country as well as the world. has lil wayne been outside the states on tour? can’t keep a gun on you going through those metal detectors. can’t bring lean on the plane with you. bone is worldwide, wayne is stateside. nuff said this round, soak that up.

  25. Lake Arlington Says:

    Are we talking about Bone? Maybe I’m missing something here. And if you’re from DC, go go automatically discounts your opinion on music, no? And by the way, ONES of cats from NY like Bone…are you serious? Homey, NOBODY in NY checks for Bone… come on now, you’re taking it waaaaaay too far.

  26. KIR in NV Says:

    And back to the point, this chick T-Bunk or whatever her name is, needs to quit the game (although I remain unconvinced she’s even in it to begin with).

    Argument settled.

  27. friday Says:

    i’m gonna chalk this up as a win for me in the column. you brought nothing to the table with evidence. but let’s pick a new topic to talk about. music isn’t your forte.

  28. Lake Arlington Says:

    Ha… I didn’t bring new evidence because I didn’t actually read your voluminous comment. Babble on about bone all you want. Just know that you’re actually talking to yourself. Enjoy your victory though. Perhaps I’ll read up later. thx

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