Don’t Count Kanye Out Just Yet


Every time I’m ready to count Kanye out, he pulls me back in.

Jeez.  I mean, one do I start.  One, I’m finally starting to feel Kanye’s outfit.  That’s a good thing.  Second, this wild goth tribal thing is enticing.  Video shoot perhaps or just the way ‘Ye likes to get down on a Saturday night?  And yes, that is video “lady” Dolicia Bryan, somehow finding her way onto my blog again. Let me get an angle two on that.

On second thought, why play around with it.  Too much art, not enough arse.  Keep it simple.  Hook up a pool, a few chicks of different ethnicities but the exact same skin color, some Cham-pag-nee spilling all over the place, a hot beat and some gimmick dance move or hand gesture.  Come on.  I don’t care about your artistic point of view or integrity.  Just put Angel Lola Luv in a tank of ass gel, with R. Kelly in the background singing “remix” and I’ll be happy.  That’s really all I need in this life. Kind of like that Bud Lite Commercial with “P-Can”:


– Lake


3 Responses to “Don’t Count Kanye Out Just Yet”

  1. Will Says:

    So what’s really going on here? First glance, it looks like a very basic apartment. I got some wild stories myself – but i NEVER could get a chik to dress up all tribal like this! i mean damn, peep the first aid kit in the background! Its about to be on and poppin. heh!

  2. Jab Says:

    P-Can! Put down my papaya!

  3. KIR in NV Says:

    @Will: Wild stories? Do tell…and when you get to the good parts, type reeeeaaaal slooooooow.

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