Sponge Broad Square Arse: Angel Lola Luv!


Albany, NY is the State Capital of New York and a hotbed for progressive ideas around education.  So it was no wonder that the fine public servants in that district choose a true role model to kick off their “Back to School Extravaganza” last week.  Peep the highly motivational speaker, Angel Lola Love at the school assembly.

Haaa, and no, I’m not kidding!  This really is the outfit ole girl rocked at the school as she spoke to our nation’s youth. What possible message could this chick have for the kids?  “If you aren’t smart, don’t have a great personality and lack the proper fatness of the ass to excel in the objectification bidness, maybe you can sell your soul to the local ass gel bootlegger.”

And we wonder why kids are completely fucked in the head.

“Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice.”

Goddamn.  Where’s the Gap when you need it?  Anyway, back to discussion at hand.  Can any of you explain to me:

1.  Why Albany Public Schools would EVER invite an ass gelling, breast “through some E’s on that b*tch” enhancing, neck tatting, booty shaking, chick like this to talk to children?

2.  How the ass in question actually became SQUARED the fuck out?

I mean, that shit is just bizarre!  Look at the way the tail gives up high.  It’s creepy.  And I guess I already know the answer, but I still gotta ask, Angel Lola Love’s Ass. Real or FAKE?

Lol…  I tend to agree.  Hey Albany Superintendent of Schools.


– Lake

11 Responses to “Sponge Broad Square Arse: Angel Lola Luv!”

  1. Stizzo Says:

    This ass is disgusting but I don’t care because I’m high on life! HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS???

  2. Stizzo Says:

    On second thought, that ass is still kind of disgusting in a cake-with-way-too-much-frosting-and-hardly-any-cake kind of way but I’d still smash cuz I”m high on ecstacy! Cowboys Victory Ecstacy that is!

  3. Ian M. Summers Says:

    Relax buddy, the way you’re going on you’d think the cowboys hadn’t ever won shit before… Your team won a football game. Take a deep breath, now act like you’ve seen it before, because you’re making them look bad.

    You guys won last night though, fair enough. We’ll see you in the Linc Dec. 28th. Hopefully we’ll have our #1 and #2 receivers then. Be ready to see the Cowgays get it handed to them by a damn sight more than 4 points.

  4. otis Says:

    umm id still smash just to say i did cause it might be just the dress but like when she hits like 40 itll all go down hil so she couldnt be wifey material

  5. Be On It Says:

    Dress is too tight and too small, causing the bunching of the fabric which makes her look like Spongebob.

    Me thinks tho doth protest too much re: why the schools would bring her in. When some of us (mostly women) complain about the objectification in videos, others (mostly men) say ish like “they are grown, and nobody is making them do it” and “it’s just entertainment.” Well, this is what that kind of logic leads to. They should have had Chad Ocho Cinco there to to complete that foolishness.

  6. Will Says:

    yo what EXACTLY is the story with this chix ASS??? I knew her globe-ass was suspect as hell! But what I didn’t know was that the shit can be DE-flated/ IN-flated at will. lol
    I wasn’t sure which was worse for me: the fact that she was a speaker at a school, or the fact that her ass went totally AWOL.
    But peep that pic of the Albany super – she defintely gets down. heh

  7. Be On It Says:

    Will, you know what it is. Angel is on that same surgical upkeep that ya fav Hodashian is on (yes, I love that phrase, and yes, I ganked it from someone else). When that gel starts to shift, it’s time for a touch up. Kinda like how you have to keep putting air in your tires if you’ve been riding hard. And yes that is a double entendre.

  8. otis Says:

    awww i love kims booty thats sad its gotta be real cause its thestuff that dreams are made of

  9. Killa Kaika Says:

    Why does Spongebob ‘Square’pants come my mind….what’s wrong with me?!

  10. Slick Jefferson Says:

    Uhh, Killa? Maybe it comes to mind because the title of the post is “Sponge Broad Square Arse.” Don’t wanna speculate beyond that, though.

  11. chulo Says:

    You know what, even that is real, is that really hot? Say you take Vida Guerra as just a consistently natural chick (maracas game aside), bringing that caribe thunder in full effect. She’s got a consistent game all through the legs and thighs, girl is thick. But Lola Luv is rockin them skinny Ethiopian marathon runner legs and the -BAM- you got saggy medicine ball sized cheeks. Seriously? Is that really what you wanna be hittin? Your Assology 101 piece is what brought me to this blog, literally like the ass signal, assman can’t resist. Lola Luv breaks all the tenets of what makes a great culo. Real, Fake, it doesn’t matter, its not right.

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