Man Up Monday: Ohio State Buckeyes


You knew it was coming…I knew it was coming…but even I didn’t think it was going down like that.

I thought the 18 point spread was a little aggressive, but apparently it wasn’t aggressive enough because Ohio state got whooped.  Look, I know Ohio State has been embarrassed in the last two national championship games, but they took it too far this time.  They not only embarrassed themselves, they embarrassed the Big 10, they even embarrassed me while I was watching it.

Ohio State fan, what exactly were you waiting for again?  Beanie Wells was not waiting for a miracle, he just wasn’t playing.  Jim Tressel did not have a master plan for tripping up USC.  Oh, and the Ohio State Buckeyes are not that good.  That Ohio game was not a fluke, it was an indication of how good this team actually is.  You know the worst part?  Ohio State didn’t play that badly.  They executed on defense, they were running decent plays on offense, they just simply were not better that USC.

Hey Jim.  What ya handing out Buckeyes for this week?

“Todd Boeckman, you took a hit from the blindside and managed not to suffer whiplash.  You get a buckeye.”

“Terrelle Pryor.  When you were running away from the USC defense, you still looked like you were playing the game as opposed to scrambling for your life.  You get a buckeye.”

“Beanie Wells.  But not playing you are the only player who made a positive contribution to the team this week.  Buckeye.

OSU did do one thing right.  They scheduled the always tough Troy University, of Troy state, in the town of Troy…wait, where the hell is Troy?  Way to keep the tough teams on the schedule there.  That is how you always bullshit your way into the national title game.

You want to know what is crazy?  OSU will probably be ranked long about 10 this week.  If they win the Big 10, and win out the rest of their games.  They will be right back in the National title debate.  If top teams lose the way they did last year, they will be talking about their “quality loss” against USC.

We don’t need another debacle like that.

OSU, I need you to Man Up just go ahead and get another loss out of the way now.  Sometimes you can Man Up by stepping down.  Do what’s right.


Oh and Will and Triple B…HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa!  I love it.

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13 Responses to “Man Up Monday: Ohio State Buckeyes”

  1. KIR in NV Says:

    Geez Brock, pour some salt, willya? I mean, I saw it coming, you saw it coming, Beanie saw it coming…dem Buckeye fans were the only ones who did not get the memo. I caught bits of the game here and there but I’m not sure a healthy Beanie has much of an impact in that game. That USC defense was like a prom night in Utah…they weren’t giving up anything.

    Props though to the UvT Buckeye contingent; they believed in their team when no one else did. I know the feeling – these Chargers are not playing to KIR standards and I’m pissed. I think I need to head down and do some one-on-one with Antonio Cromartie this week, he was garbage.

    Well, at least dem Rebs shocked the world. Guess my little pep talk stayed with them.

  2. Be On It Says:

    Show no mercy to the Buckeyes or their turrible fans. They took it straight up no lube, like the Hodashians they are. (I would have used tranny, but I think that would have been too nice).

    Anywho, KIR, I say forgo (sp?) the one-on-one with Cromartie. He will cut the fool, and then you’d have to shoot him, and that will end badly for everyone involved.

  3. otis Says:

    man i hate this cause them bitches will run the table and be in the chip again cause the big ten is weak. i think usc will slip up and my number 2 sooners will be in the chip again so ha

  4. Go Blue Says:

    Predictable. Luck-Eyes now suck at sports and life. Sure, we lost to Notre Dame, but we’re still winning the game of life. UM, bitches.

  5. Will Says:

    @Be THAT WAS A LITTLE TOO MUCH! ‘Hodashians’??? c’mon!
    Yo what else can be said? They sucked ass. My weekend has been a mixed bag of emotions – thrilled to see Big Blue get smashed by Notre Dame….devastated at how OSU got thoroughly HANDLED by USC….then all my hopes and dreams (for the weekend at least) rested on the Colts..

    at least they had a nice(whack) 4th Q comeback for some sort of redemption against a 1-man offense,


  6. Be On It Says:

    @ Will, I am… maybe “hodashian” was a little… nope, sorry, somethings are just part of my DNA. Immeasurable, blind, psychotic hatred of all things Buckeyes is one of them. They keep giving me reasons to justify that hatred, and I cannot possible type an apology for calling it like I see it. It’s not you, it’s the team. At least the Colts won, so we can come together on that, right?

    @ Otis, surely you do not wish for the Sooners to be in the championship game? Do you forget how they get handled on the big stage? They are fifth degree chokemasters as well.

  7. okolepuka Says:

    I wanted to point out that the lowly Mountain West Conference swept, yes swept, the glorious Pac-10 this weekend.

    TCU beat Stanford-31-14
    BYU beat UCLA-59-0
    New Mexico beat Arizona-36-28
    and my beloved UNLV beat (15) ASU-23-20

    The BCS is a cartel, fuck the BCS!

  8. KIR in NV Says:

    @okolepuka: MWC represent! I was busy this weekend so I didn’t get to see the game but I was checking those scores like crazy. One of my dudes is from Cave Creek, AZ so he was talking all kinda mess up to Saturday. I will be collecting on that bet, for sure!

    @Be: Cromartie knows wassup. He kept texting me last night with that “Baby, I’m sorry…” bs. Sorry don’t cut it Tone. Man up!

  9. Tavern Says:

    How could a Michigan fan say ANYTHING? Not only did you get HANDLED by Utah in your house and a still-terrible Domer squad, but both USC and OSU kill you on the regular.

    Winning at the game of life? That sounds like some corny ass stuff that could only come from a UM fan.

    And as for USC? Damn. Men all the way around. Is there ANY team that could’ve kept up with them Saturday night? I’ll say Oklahoma and Florida and prolly Georgia, although the Okies frequently choke on the big stage, too. Mizzou could’ve put up points, but would’ve given up 70 minimum.

  10. DUX Says:

    Well at least Oregon dominated (er escaped) Purdue…

    And I agree, Michigan, how the hell did you let ND take you down. Even Charlie Weiss blew out his knee..

  11. Lake Arlington Says:

    Look, the BIG TEN IS HORRIBLE. That includes OSU, Michigan and yes, Notre Dame. And while I know ND isn’t in the Big 11, they might as well be. It’s that same emphasis on old fashion football, with no flash, no flair, little speed and plenty of bitchassness. The SEC is a faaaaaar superior product. Now the Pac 10 is catching on. Look, OSU struggled in their first two games, Notre Dame barely beat some D 2 school and Michigan is just f*cking awful and aint been shit for a while now. I hate to say it, but name ONE midwest squad that isn’t soft right now.. Just one. I know, I know, the Cincinnati Football team has 12 felons, ok, them aside. AHNT. SEC, SEC, SEC and yes, Duke Football does suck and guess what, I LIKE IT THAT WAY… Go NOT Duke, ahnt.

  12. okolepuka Says:

    They should change the name from the Pac-10 to the Pac-1 or just the USC Conference.

    @KIR: MWC owned the Pac-10 this week. Take out USC and the top 3-4 MWC teams would dominate the Pac-10.

  13. Pe. Riche. Says:

    Everything that could go wrong in that game, went wrong. I stopped watching early in the third quarter. I have no clue wtf happened. Okay, yes I do, we got endless flags, got sacked and USC scored a touched off of an interception.

    But I agree with Will, at least Michigan was beat by ND, so the weekend wasn’t a complete loss.

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