Jennifer Hudson Gets Punk’d?


This story is just too weird.  Haaavard Law Grad, Tiffany “New York” Pollard reject and former UvT punching bag David “Punk” Otunga allegedly got engaged to Jennifer Hudson yesterday.

Dude, this is just too weird.  LOL.  I mean, Punk?  First of all, dude’s name is Punk.  Second, he went on I LOVE NEW YORK.  Didn’t that raise somewhat of a red flag for Ms. Hudson?  Hey Huddy, you may want to check in with Star Jones and Terry McMillan before you’re out here getting your groove back with a cat who uses more hair product than you.

And then there’s Punk.  How does a cat go from talking to zero black cats at HLS, to going onto I Love New York (which according to you was to promote your Hollywood carer errrr show positive images of black men in the media) to marry certified real deal sister Jennifer Hudson?

I already know the answer which is YES, but I still have to ask:  Is this cat serious? Ha, what a cornball.  LOL.  JHud, when it all goes wrong, don’t say Lake didn’t warn ya.  And just so we’re clear, you should be looking for a cornball dude, especially when you’re in entertainment.  But you’ve got things a bit mixed up.  When looking for the proper corn, you want something that looks more like this:

And run away from a dude who would ever pose like this:

I know, I know, he’s Abs-solutely fit.  Sure, but you have to understand the mentality of a black cat who spikes his hair, rolls around shirtless or dares put himself in a frosted pic.  Believe me, it aint right and somehow the fact that he went to HLS makes it that much worse.

– Lake

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12 Responses to “Jennifer Hudson Gets Punk’d?”

  1. Be On It Says:

    Oh my GOD. JHud, I know it’s hard for sisters, because nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is checking for us. And I know women with “Curves” get no love in Hollyweird/the music biz. And I know that chocolate is only a fav when it comes in the male variety. BUT ARE YOU SERIOUS?

    Weren’t you engaged to this fine normal dude? And then weren’t you dating/engaged to Kerry Rhodes or some other football player? So how did you go from grade A talent to that fruit who was within ten feet of that thing known as New York? You know them Flava Flav germs are airborn, right? What did those dudes do to you that you would ever, EVER, end up with a man named PUNK?

    I say we pull an intervention. KIR, you bring the heat, I’ll bring the “chemical persuaders,” we put her on a plane to a previously undisclosed location where she can be introduced to some real men. This nonsense must be stopped.

  2. Side eye Says:

    This dude is definitely suspect. Sad that JHud is that desperate. The loot isolates you I guess. Something aint right with a dude with a body like a WWE and a voice like 8 year old.

  3. KIR in NV Says:

    @Be: Done. Let’s save this girl from herself. We gonna need to compare notes on the muscle though. We need to ease Jen back into the game.

  4. otis Says:

    *turns on kanye – flashing lights haha this makes me think of that man if she wasnt in hollywood making it big there is no way in hell that they would be together but then again he does have a harvard degree but iono its like u see the outside and she fuckin up but she might see some bs that ppl dont but i can imagine its hard for her to get hollywood dudes but she can find a square for sure i know it haha

  5. KIR in NV Says:

    @Otis: Well, she needs to get with Halle and get on that Berry Plan.

  6. RosyF Says:

    OMFG! What is JHud doing? This dude is gay, suspect, or just too soft. Lake said it best too much hair product, no highlights, and no frosted pics. The only modeling/acting this dude can do is in the gay porn industry. Even if he were what’s the word I’m looking for…. bi err straight he was professing love/lust and swapping spit with New York. Can it get any nastier than that. JHud you are 2 (TWO) degrees from Flava Flav. Be and Kir, hurry and save her.

  7. KIR in NV Says:

    @RosyF: I heard on the radio that Flavor Flav was spotted at a local Wal-Mart recently. Prolly getting that Valtrex rx reupped. Ick.

  8. Disgrace: Harvard Law Grad ’stars’ on I Love NY 2 « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] Disgrace: Harvard Law Grad ’stars’ on I Love NY 2 UPDATE: PUNK gets married to Jennifer Hudson?  CHECK OUT the story HERE. […]

  9. Lake Arlington Says:

    Kir, that fake Sawyer from lost that Halle let knock her up is terrible. Just terrible dude. But Halle has never been known for high level of intelligence.

  10. Pe. Riche. Says:

    He looks so fag-a-delic to me, and I am sure to everyone else. I don’t know what J-Hud is thinking. He does not exude sexiness at all to me at all. I truly hope that this is just a media ploy or something of that sort. Please let it be.

    @Lake Arlington: Halle’s man is fine. Yes he is. And she is from Ohio like I am. ALL Ohio women are smart.

  11. vera Says:

    Jennifer I’ve followed your career from day 1. I’m from Chicago I also graduated from the same high school,which showed me dreams can come true.But,Jennifer please think this thru.Punk may be a greaaat guy but any man that has to go on a show like I love new york is desperate.He has so many other accmplshmnts law school & harvard.Why not work with what u already accompshd that many black men dont get the chance,and build a foundation from that. Please Jennifer think this thru u have achieved soooo much the world is up for grab.also in closing u may want to talk to Terry Mc Millian for a reality check it’s worth the time.

  12. Aileen Says:

    I noticed that the majority of the comments are not good. The only thing that I can say is that it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks its about what JHud wants and feels cuz they’re not the one that has to deal with it you do. If all these things that people are saying is true then the lesson will be learned and you will move on. If JHUD is happy that’s all that matters.GOOD LUCK! To all the people that has a negative comment. Let the girl live her life. If she wants to be with him let it be. If all this advice is given and she still doesn’t change her mind then LET IT GO. There’s a saying that goes “U can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

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