Palin and the Bush Doctrine…Wait. What is the Bush Doctrine?


I guess Charlie Gibson agreed to treat Sarah Palin with deference and respect prior to the interview because Palin finally agreed to come off script and tell us what she really thinks as opposed to what the scriptwriters think.

Man.  Charlie knew he had her immediately too.  When she says “In what respect Charlie” she really means, “What the hell are you talking about Charlie?”.  You can literally see the moment when she hears that voice inside that all of us hear sometimes saying “fuuuuuuuuuck”.

I half expected her to say “Charlie…I personally believe that US Americans believe that…such as…in the Iraq and the President Bush and the, Bush Doctrine and everything such as”.  In fact she might want to get in touch with Miss Teen South Carolina for some tips on how to work the interview answers off the cuff.

Oh man.  That never gets old.

Seriously though.  This is literally why politicians work the national stage for a little while.  That is why the 18 months on the campaign trail matter.  It’s okay if some reporter in Nebraska asks you about your views on the Bush Doctrine with a little tape recorder in his hand in March of 2007 when no one is paying attention.  You can say, “What is the Bush Doctrine?” and it is all good.  You can’t do it when you are 55 days away from the general election and locked in to be a 50/50 chance and a heartbeat away from the most powerful job in the world.

Like Matt Damon said, “she’s gonna have the nuclear codes”.


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14 Responses to “Palin and the Bush Doctrine…Wait. What is the Bush Doctrine?”

  1. otis Says:

    damn we are in trouble if she vp. its funny cause when she answers questions she soundsjust like dubya. like the oh im lyin but im tryin to dodge the question before u get me type thing ha

  2. Be On It Says:

    Typical beauty pageant chick: mean, ignorant, full of BS, and downright incapable of answering a question with any kind of intellectual vigor. Just throw in some sound bites, say “Gee” and “Golly” for “Hardworking Americans” and hope no one notices you’re stupid. Seriously, why won’t hard core conservatives just come on out and say that they ONLY vote for white people who are against abortion? That not only do they not care about other issues, but they have not a clue about anything else?

    On another note, the funniest thing that I’ve read about Ms. Palin is the opinion that she looks like the teacher/stripper from Varsity Blues. Ha

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Ridiculous. That blank stare that came across her face was crazy. The fact that Alaska picked her as their Governor is an embarrassment to that State. I wouldn’t let her run my local Starbucks. Seriously, she is horrible. I would literally rather have Miss Teen South Carolina as my VP.

  4. otis Says:

    like im listening to her talk to charlie about invading and she dodges and ducks through the whole thing and he tells her hes confused by her and she is like wtf hahah yeah so im sure that eventually ppl will see she has no idea wtf is goin on

  5. KIR in NV Says:

    I know I’m gonna get lit up but I’ll put it out here anyway.

    First of all, to qualify, I am a registered Republican. While I don’t support all of the party positions, the philosophies do generally line up with the way I handle my day-to-day.

    I will most likely be choosing Obama / Biden in November. This is not an indictment on my party’s ticket or even the current administration. It’s not because I wanna front that my political choices advance social change, because they don’t. It’s because I will be able to someday tell my grandchildren the value of being open to fresh ideas, different opinions and new ways of doing things and not getting caught up in defending your position and keeping the status quo.

    I see government up close and personal everyday. The people aren’t that different, despite the political affiliations. The divisions show up in the policy execution.

    Fire away…my first aid kit is on standby!

  6. Lake Arlington Says:

    Otis, think again. The kind of people who will vote for Palin don’t know Iraq from Indonesia. They’re ignorant and like it that way. They don’t care that she doesn’t know the “Bush Doctrine,” that’s just elitist mumbo jumbo talk. They’ve got all the facts. She’s “with the troops,” loves Jesus (allegedly), likes guns, has “Small town values” (whatever that means) and isn’t a “media, Washington or intellectual elite.” ie. not well educated, contemplative or informed. That’s why the chant her name like she’s the Rock..

  7. KIR in NV Says:

    @Lake: What are the voter turnout numbers in AK? I’ll hold off on a Taco Bell drive thru run if it looks like it might rain! I’m committed to the political process but I don’t know how motivated I’d have to be to fire up my snowmobile or sled up the huskies to head on over to the next igloo to get my vote on.

  8. Lake Arlington Says:

    Kir, I don’t hate all Republicans. In fact, a good slice of my friends are GOPers. I think the “good” Republicans are naive and generally wrong-headed, but they have a right to their opinions. With that said, anyone with a shred of legitimacy I know admits that the Bush Administration was a debacle for American and Republican principles alike. Republican intellectuals have done a great job creating a smoke screen to couch their personal gain (mostly financial) around “values” and “principles” that they only adhere to in order to curry favor for their real objectives.

    Very few Republicans I know actually reaped any benefits from the so called compassionately conservative and fiscally responsible Bush Administration. Sure they got some tax money back, but that doesn’t help so much with a depressed dollar and inflation all around you. It’s like drinking salt water because you’re thirsty.

    The religious freaks got their name in the paper, but the faith based initiatives were minimal at best. Those who want to see smaller government, actually saw vast increases in the size of gov, both in defense and non defense related spending. We weren’t hit again on domestic soil by terrorists, but we weren’t hit on domestic soil during the Clinton Administration either AND our men and women in uniform were literally “getting hit” daily in Iraq. The whole thing is a f*cking joke, and while I’m not so naive to believe the Dems are waaay different or waay better, I would at very least like to have someone in office with a brain. Someone who knows and cares about the issues. The Republicans don’t offer that.

    They only offer lies, deception and garbage figure head candidates like Palin who they know they can control. McCain, one could argue, is somewhat different, but look at him now. Running the exact same plays that Bush ran in 2000 and 2004 to get elected. And then HE runs on the message of “change” and “reform.” Those fuckers won’t even re-arrange the deck chairs.

  9. KIR in NV Says:

    With the troops, check. Likes guns, check. ❤ Jesus, check. Not well-educated, check. Aw shit, I guess I do fit the profile. I thought I could pull off a Kanye fashion runway moment but I failed.

    Wrong headed? Sometimes guilty as charged. Naive? Not sure I’d apply the adjective to myself but then again, the ignorant are rarely self-aware. (shrugs)

    What I do know is that my financial position is better than it was a decade ago. That has little to do with my government because I like to be prepared for uncertain times. Buy low and sell high. Put it in the bank. Scale your lifestyle to your economy. Come up. Look for ways to bring others with you. That’s how I do.

    It’s also why I’m at Costco on the regular stocking up on toilet paper, ramen noodles and Patron. If some ish go down, I’m gonna be comfortable for a minute while the dumb mofos who choose to live in the moment now are scrappin over some stale ass bread from the gvmt drop.

  10. KIR in NV Says:

    Too many people are going without these days. Government, especially the feds, aren’t gonna change that. I take it upon myself to check my community, see what the needs are and give what I can to offset those shortages.

    I don’t count on the government for NOTHING but to fuck some shit up cuz we got that down to a science! I can’t swing a 2″ pencil in a staff meeting without hitting a half dozen clowns who shouldn’t be allowed to cross a street alone, much less be trying to “solve” any problems.

  11. Lake Arlington Says:

    Kir, you can’t return my emails? What gives?

  12. KIR in NV Says:

    @Lake: You better check yourself, baby. U got mail.

  13. otis Says:

    man im watchin the interview right now on abc and i must say that im more scared then i was before if she becomes vp. like she did the mcsame flip flop all night gah its like can ppl not see this is some bullshit

  14. America Says:

    Many Americans know that there are characteristic policy differences between the two parties. But few are aware of two important facts about the post-World War II era, both of which are brilliantly delineated in a new book, “Unequal Democracy,” by Larry M. Bartels, a professor of political science at Princeton. Understanding them might help voters see what could be at stake, economically speaking, in November.

    I call the first fact the Great Partisan Growth Divide. Simply put, the United States economy has grown faster, on average, under Democratic presidents than under Republicans.

    The stark contrast between the whiz-bang Clinton years and the dreary Bush years is familiar because it is so recent.

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