Once You Go Barack…


You never go back.

Don’t know when this was, but that is hilarious.  Bill was slacking on his pimping for real.

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5 Responses to “Once You Go Barack…”

  1. otis Says:

    hahaha i seen this before hill do got the old big white woman booty and “the rock” does have white in em so i coould see it poppin off ha

  2. Will Says:

    @Otis: When u say ‘Hill got the big white woman booty’, I’m thinking more like this…


  3. Matlock Says:

    Does Obama have a”kick me” sign on his back or what?

  4. otis Says:

    @ will – i didnt say it was all good hahah im sure its got craters and dimples but i think hed knock her down just to get back at bill like bitch i fucked over your girl now i fucked your girl its BARACK HOLLA then he throws up the dynasty sign

  5. Royal Says:

    Barack stays winning.

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