The J Game is a Cruel, Cruel Game


Lindsay Lohan was lovely and Lake was loving it just two days ago.  Then we got hit with her skinny girlfriend Sam.  Now there are marriage rumors, and we get this pic off the wire.

Look, I’m usually a fan of side boob, under boob, hell almost any kind of boob, but Lindsay needs to start strapping up if she wants to preserve what the goot lawd hath-a blessed her with.  Maybe it is a bad angle, but that J is fighting against gravity with all it’s got right there.  We’ll keep a close watch on continuing developments.

In other J news.

Dammit Jessica.  You know better than that.  Microphone just a nestled all up in there.  Now I know why Tony Romo is always smiling.

This J game is dirty, so dirty.


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9 Responses to “The J Game is a Cruel, Cruel Game”

  1. Be On It Says:

    Although I am not gravity challenged in that area, I will stand up for all the “blessed” women out there. Real boobs sag. The larger the real boob (especially if it’s oblonged shaped) the more it sags. If a chick is bigger than a B cup (these are frightfully rare in Hollywood and rap videos, so I can understand if you have no clue how to judge this) and her rack is sitting on dubs without a bra (or tape), it’s fake. This does not apply if she is under the age of 21. And trust, there are even less women in Hollywood, the music biz, and rap videos that are under the age of 21. There is more rolling back of the clock going on in those industries than during daylight savings time.

  2. RosyF Says:

    Be is right on. Plus the side J angle is rarely flattering for anyone.

  3. okolepuka Says:

    I like the side angle, even if it is a little unflattering, it is a taste of reality. Real is the only way to go.

    Lindsay Lohan can keep you warm in the winter and give you shade in the summer.

  4. Will Says:

    @Be – “Real boobs sag.” – Ima hafta to wholeheratedly disagree. I’ve seen (held/fondled/suckled) some wonders of nature.

    @Be – “This does not apply if she is under the age of 21.” – oh, ok. 😛

    moral: don’t fuck with Be.

  5. otis Says:

    in the words of peter griffin look at that side boooob i dont have a problem with it but egh wat can i say i got 2 lil ones and ive seen what its like to have j’s fall down on the job

  6. Killa Kaika Says:

    Vic’s Secret push-up could have fixed that.

  7. mrod Says:

    Not related to this, but thought you guys might be interested in the latest TERRIBLE photos of Aubrey.

    Man, I thought she was the best in the first season but she’s on this tranny track as of late it seems…

  8. Lake Arlington Says:

    Mrod, the problem is that she WAS the best in the first season… haa 5 years ago. You know it’s fucked up when Puff has to call you out on the show for dressing like a 50 year old drag queen. She has no clue what people like. And that rhetoric she came with about “I addressed the stomach area”… You are in entertainment, don’t address is with some gear, address it with some starvation and gym like everyone else. Geez.

  9. Ian M. Summers Says:

    @ okelepuka: I agree on the taste of reality tip.

    Soft titties. Perky titties. Generously sized titties. You’ve can pick any two, if you’re lucky. In my experience it’s no good looking for perfection in any one phase of the game (J game, midsection, tail piece etc.). Ideally, I’ll take a lady that gives me a little of everything.

    @ Will: You’ve encountered greatness, appreciated. But I’m gonna have to agree with Be. I think you were lucky enough to encounter the exception to the rule. Statistical outliers. Anomalies.

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