Ohio State v. USC Preview


I don’t know how they got here, but there are a lot of Buckeyes here at Us Versus Them.  I was skeptical at first, but the cats who roll with us are definitely Us so we let em slide.  One problem though, they are completely delusional about the Ohio State vs. USC game this weekend.

Sure, they dominate the Big Tenleven right now.  Sure, they’ve been to the national championship game for the last two years and won the big game in 2003.  The problem?  They also got drug the fuck up out of those games for the last few years.  Ohio State is really the best argument out there for a playoff system in College Football.  Sure, they win the Big 10 every year lately, but they also stop playing football long about Halloween and wait for every other team to beat itself up for a month before the season is over and somehow rise to the top without playing a single game.

In this corner we have the USC Trojans.

Every year is not their year.  They’ve been struggling since the end of the Leinart, Reggie Bush era they’ve gotten shocked more than they should have but they looked great in that first game.  Every once in a while, they end up looking like a pro team out there more than a college team.  This seems like one of those times.

These teams lock it up on Saturday night out in California in the first huge football game of the year.  Oh, did I mention that Ohio State is going at it without their star player Beanie Wells and they almost lost one to Ohio last week.  I mean literally had to Man Up like they were UvT fans playing on Monday instead of Saturday afternoon.

So here it is.  Ohio State vs. USC is must see tv this weekend.  I think Ohio State needs a miracle to pull it off.

Is there anything I missed?

Right.  Go Trojans.



Will and Triple B are usually up in this joint errrrrryday and twice on Mondays, meanwhile we haven’t heard hide nor hair from these dudes.  OSU fan…Man Up!

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13 Responses to “Ohio State v. USC Preview”

  1. KIR in NV Says:

    My dough is on the Trojans. Should be a good game.

  2. Trane Says:

    My Trojans will beat them so badly, the alumni will stop saying “theee” before Ohio State University.

  3. otis Says:

    well i dont care cause it clears the way for my sooners to win the chip ha! cause florida will have to play uga and this osu usc game will clear up more room hahaha. well roll texas and kansas and mizzou dont want it with us chip time hahaha oh and i pick usc cause osu showed nada last week

  4. DUX Says:

    Check out the Oregon Duck cheerleaders. Amazingly they may be the best in the Pac-10, and they now have competitive cheer (thanx title IX). That is a nice shot of the Trojan girls, however. As a Badger alum I can tell you that the Big 10 ladies are weak.

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    OSU is about to get worked this weekend fellas. That Big 10 is an embarrassment. The Pac 10, previously the bitchiest conference in America, is born again hard. We shall see.

  6. Pe. Riche. Says:

    Please, I am from Buckeye Nation, so never doubt it. I am shocked that so many people are against OSU. It’s sad, really. But I will let it go. We don’t need to talk mess because we have the game to back it.

  7. Corn Cob Says:

    DUX said it best. I’m from Big 10 country and will always be partial to good ole Midwestern girls. But I gotta throw it up to UofO. They gotta be putting something in the water up there in the Northwest . . .

  8. rusty Says:

    OSU had a terrible game against Ohio, and judging by that, they will lose. However, if you judge by the last game, you don’t understand college football.

    Buckeyes by 3. There’s the surprise of the week.

    They might not win out, but they’ll pull this one off.

    Beanie Wells will get 125+ yards, and OSU will come out +2 on turnovers.

    That’s my prediction! Buckeyes Win!

  9. Lake Arlington Says:

    Pe Riche, I’m not anti OSU, just after that Ohio game, I don’t see it. That’s all. If anything, I’m anti Pac 10. I do think though that the Big 10 is waaaay overrated as a football conference. When Michigan sux, there isn’t much else. I know, I know, Penn State… They seem to be decent, finally.

  10. Will Says:

    Damn I got here as soon as I heard the mudslinging. U know one thing Ohio State does have that is irrefutable is TRADITION. We ARE a big-time program. We got them bowl games, we got the BIG games, we got the Roses. And Our record for the past 8 yrs, I don’t think we’ve even lost 12 games.

    Prob the ONLY thing that OSU lacks is glamour and glitz – i know, i know – compared to USC, our cheerleaders are not born in bred in Beverly Hills lol, but hey we work with them farm girls. What does work with us is when we recruit them cats out of Dayton, Akron, Youngstown..etc…them Beanies, Smiths and Claretts. We mix the farmboys with the Bone Thugs and the shit somehow works! There. i just told ya’ll the secret to OSU success. can’t have one without the other.

    But about Saturday – I’ma keep it real. We tend to have a problem with speed. Them Florida and Loosiana boys ran track around us and shit frucked us up. BUT – what we do have this year that will get us over USC (and *shock* the world) is experience out the azz. Damn near the whole squad from last year. I’d like to see Tressel throw that 2-QB setup out there and mix things up a bit. No blowout from either side. OSU by 6.


    @Lake: Michigan?????? F*CK MICHIGAN.

  11. Triple_B Says:

    Triple is officailly Co-signing for Will. LET’S GO BUCKEYES!!!

  12. KIR in NV Says:

    @Will: Who is this Clarett fellow you speak of? I don’t believe I’ve heard of him.

    And to all of you, please don’t get me started on the cheerleaders.

  13. Lake Arlington Says:

    Come on Triple B. Beanie Wells is going to be about as effective as Beanie Siegel unless the sweater vest is trying to pull a fast one with a ringer that everybody and their mama sees coming. Speed kills B, that means, “you dead”….

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