Chad Ocho Cinco Has Lost His Mind!


Now last season when Chad called himself “Ocho Cinco” for an entire week and showed up on Sunday with the rigged Ocho Cinco jersey, it was pretty funny.  I’ve even called him Ocho Cinco since then.  In a sport where you get paid to create your own personality, I have to say it was a good move.

Now Chad has officially changed his name to Chad J. Ocho Cinco.  Uhhhh Chad, this joke ended 10 months ago homey.  Now you’ve made it permanent and the Bengals are officially changing his name.  It is already updated on the rosters page on ESPN.  Chad, let’s keep it fresh.  You could have changed it to “Unstoppable”, really made it crazy.  Touchdown by Chad Unstoppable.

This is the worst thing since He Hate Me.

You better rip it up Chad, or change the name back long about Week 4.  Oh you also better hope the Bengals are playing winning ball this year too.  There is nothing worse than being 2-7 and walking around with Ocho Cinco on your back like an asshole.


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7 Responses to “Chad Ocho Cinco Has Lost His Mind!”

  1. otis Says:

    ha man i had hard he did it but i didnt think he was that bold to do it. crazy oh well itll boost his jersey sales cause i want one them bitches right now hahah

  2. Will Says:

    Ay Chad – there was/is only ONE Dennis Rodman. Trying to jack that Rodman zany athlete swag ain’t working! That whole ‘I’m gifted but slightly offbeat, thus making me kinda lovable’…. uh no. There can only be one…

  3. KIR in NV Says:

    Oh man I hoped you guys would get to these serious topics facing the nation now that the political conventions have been done to death. Where do I start?

    I gotta little love / hate thing going on with Ocho Cinco. On the one hand, I look forward to his Riverdances and such in the end zone. Not so enamored with the bitchassness that seems to fly outta his piehole on the regular. The blinged out grill? Pure comedy. The fro-hawk? Wack. He’s constantly sliding on the edge. This name change may have done it though. His initials are COC now? Not a good look.

  4. Be On It Says:

    Ha! KIR, you continue to prove why you are the hottest chick on this board. I don’t pay no mind to ig’nant @ssed 85. His punk butt came to my city, and let’s just say the up close and personal earns him two mega slurpees of STFU.

  5. Todd Says:

    Even his wikipedia page has been updated. They took out all “Johnson” references and replaced it with “Ocho Cinco”. Hilarious!

    Is the joke played out? Of course it is. But those 85 jerseys will be selling like hot cakes this season, which means more money for young Chadwick. Besides, I really like it how he’s sticking it to/one-upping Goddell.

  6. KIR in NV Says:

    @ Be: Thx for the props but I bow to you and RosyF for keepin it realer than real. I hear you on Chad’s interpersonal skills (or in his case, the lack thereof). We see a lot of celebs and wanna bes rollin through Vegas and lots of em end up spoiling the illusion the second they step off the plane.

    Speaking of athletes / clowns, I’ll be spending the better part of my weekend trying to track down Mayweather’s looted $7 mil in bling. He’s offered $100K to whomever dimes out the perp(s). I figure I can work the culprit(s) for at least a mil to keep it on the low. Wish me luck! He may be pretty but he ain’t too bright.

  7. RosyF Says:

    Thanks Kir. You and Be hold it down. I am always impressed with your thorough analysis and take no prisoner attitudes towards the fellas. COC…lol..not a good look Ocho.

    I agree sticking it to Godell is great. I love football and I want to be entertained. I miss the dancing and celebration. Eff the young people who supposedly would learn bad sportmanship. Man up youngins b/c on the field and in life there are winner and losers and the winner should bust a move if so inpsired. I mean I make a nasty catch on Madden I’ll do a dance and it’s a video game so if I’m Randy Moss I should be able to do a two step in the end zone.

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