10 Responses to “The Oklahoma Thunder is Ready to Roll”

  1. KIR in NV Says:

    Maybe you and Lake could offer up the UvT interns to do a logo redesign for the Thunder. That new UvT logo is looking pretty sweet. I’m looking for my UvT branded gear to hit my mailbox any day now (because you promised, “It’s coming”). I wanna rep my set.

  2. otis Says:

    fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk man i live in oklahoma and only thing we have is the sooners and thise die hard cowboy fans. i was excited to have to get an nba team now ive seen how the logo and the name is and i hate that shit. we look like the bobcats lil brotha wtf. fuckin horrible butttttttttttt they do have a good young team with durant green and the new kid westbrook and a smart dude running the team but itll be tough in the west. but yeah that logo is wack nonetheless i will rock a durant jersey

  3. SMH Says:

    durant is the future

  4. Will Says:

    I see this as another ‘final stop’ for end-of-career NBA guys.
    ay Brock – Toronto is one of the hardest partying cities north up the border. At least they have that much going for them. lol what the fuck does OK have beside Sooners and tumbleweeds?
    @Otis – Im glad you recognized that Bobcats ripoff logo. ha! spared me the comments.
    Durant is the future of Jack Shit.

  5. Be On It Says:

    Why come Vince and Tracy look gay in that pic? Kinda like the twins who do gay porn with each other (never, EVER let your super freaky into weird shit homegirl pick out the movie for movie night. NEVER!).

    As for the team, I don’t care. I watch football.

  6. Pe. Riche. Says:

    Yeah….if they wanted NBA fans to be excited, the could have at least picked a good logo. It looks like a logo from the 70’s produced by Dollar General.

    I know Ray Allen is happy he got out when he did.

  7. otis Says:

    durant will ball but as far as oklahoma goes well its kind of a big party place in okc cause nobody has anything to do except party. but its not that far from dallas or kansas city so theyll be fine if they want to go there

  8. Lake Arlington Says:

    A truly horrible idea. Why are all the NBA teams so horrible? This shit makes the Bobcats look hot. “Thunder”… WHat are they going to do after they use up all the catch phrases:

    “Oh, Kevin Durant with a thunderous dunk!”

    “Jeff Green, brings these thunder fans, ‘THE THUNDER'” AHHHHNT Would have been better to just go with the “thundercats” and make it a wrap. And those colors, how very NBA franchise of you to hook up the basic purplish blue, light blue accent and that oh so ahntweezay NBA basketball orange. Terrible.

  9. RosyF Says:

    If they had gotten the rights to call themselves the Thunder Cats that would have been hype.

  10. Will Says:

    “This shit makes the Bobcats look hot.” ha!

    @Be: wtf??! lol

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