It’s College Football (Rant) Season Again


Watching Michigan getting punked in their own house by a team full of Levi Johnston looking cats from Utah, it just reminded me of the best part of College Football…the rants of course.  Listen to my very favorite dude, Dan Hawkins going from 0 to 80 miles per hour in about 3 seconds.

That “It aint intramurals” followed by “go play intramurals brother” is awesome.  Somebody needs to tell the Sarah Palin apologists that it’s big time American Party Politics…. It’s the Republican National Convention…  It aint intramurals.  Ok, let’s keep this about football.  So here’s another one, but it’s not nearly as good.

Here’s another, John L. Smith from Michigan State:

Dude, is there anything better than the line “that’s a damn coaching mistake”.  HAAAA  Yes it was, so much so that you were promptly fired at season’s end.  Next.

– Lake

12 Responses to “It’s College Football (Rant) Season Again”


    AWWWWWWhhhhHHHH!!! Yes it was so sad to watch the game saturday… WHAT!!!! I seriously couldnt believe what happened. Mind you Ann Arbor was completely packed for this game all the yuppy alum was in town…. I love seeing all the wacked out Michigan flags and 2 hour backed up traffic. But lol we’ll see how this season turns out… There’s still nothing like the pride of MICHIGAN!!! GO BLUE!!!! HAIL TO THE VICTORS VALIANT HAIL! …………HAIL! HAIL! TO MICHIGAN THE LEADERS AND BEST!!!!

  2. otis Says:

    man that gundy one has a crazy backstory behind it. like the dude the story was writtin about is bobby reid he was a highly touted dual threat qb that was playing and doing well when all of a sudden then benched him for another guy. the story was bout how bobbys mom was too over protective of him and this and that and messed things up so gundy tried to look like the hero by taking up for him. it actually was fake and made bobby mad cause he had been benched for no reason basically and the coach pretended to take up for him. this past year he transferred to a small hbcu in texas. they had a big write up about it this summer in the oklahoman basically showing how gundy is a bitch

  3. Will Says:

    Ohio State – undefeated. (until the championship game)

  4. Triple_B Says:

    Two YEARS!
    TWO opening game losses.
    1 new coach

    Go Bucks

  5. Brock Hardon Says:

    Do you mean Ohio State – undefeated until next Saturday? You aren’t that good and just got done playing the UvT interns and Columbus High. Then your season ends sometime in mid October while you wait for the rest of the conferences to beat up on each other in their conference championships until you sit near the top by attrition. Please.

  6. Will Says:

    Wow, thats a mouthful – coming from WHAT SCHOOL AGAIN?

    amazing how we gets no luv… even tho our record the past 3 yrs is something like 33-4 – with a Championship 6 yrs ago in an 13-0 season.


  7. Lake Arlington Says:

    Will, that JV conference yall play in though… i don’t know. it’s literally what have you done for me lately at this point. it’s like our lowly Duke basketball team… you gotta keep moving forward. the sweater vest at least got a hot game at USC.. if yall punch them in the mouth in their own stadium, you’ll have my respek. but let’s face it, yall aint been right since Vince Young came in and showed you what the real was a few years back. We may need to fire up the UvT fantasy football league next year… ha then it’s on for sure. Go Blue err Bucks errr Blue Devils!!! ha terrible.

  8. Be On It Says:

    Will, you go to Ohio St? I knew there was some reason that I didn’t like you….

    But, I can’t talk. I went to an HBCU, and my current school’s football program is going to stink like the remains of a crab boil (sigh…)

  9. Brock Hardon Says:


    Are you really claiming a win over USC in California? IN THEIR HOUSE? Without Beanie Wells? Come on bro. Free Team Brock UvT Tshirt and Ohio State tribute post on me if you the Buckeyes pull that off.

  10. Will Says:

    Bet. I’ma need that shirt in an Uncle L Smedium. 😛

    Errr Lake – we whooped on UT the following year…IN LONGHORN STADIUM. Damn, where is the luv? I’m tired of typing in all caps! (ok, so they didnt have Vince Young then)

  11. Will Says:

    @Be: Its all about the halftime shows.

  12. Triple_B Says:


    Please Vince young whipped everybody that year. The man single handedly won the championship and with the same damn play he won against MY buckeyes. Brock you will fore off that tribute speech, and you will include Triple B in it. Beanie is back in gym baby.


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