I Can’t Take It


I’m watching the RNC and John McCain right now because I really want to hear and see all sides and all opinions heading into the Presidential Elections this year.  So I’m watching as they scan the crowd and see this sign describing McCain.

“The Mavrick”

See, how am I supposed to trust that guy?  Honestly.  I don’t want to be stereotypical, I know that there is a core to the Republican set of values that has a real basis of support, but I can’t deny the plain fact that they also leverage appeal to the simple and uneducated to give their party more power.  Between that and “drill baby drill” this thing has looked like the damn WWE as much as anything.

That kinda scares me.


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6 Responses to “I Can’t Take It”

  1. Stizzo Says:

    I saw that too. What you forgot to mention was that the shot of the man holding the sign saying “Mavrick” was shown just seconds after McCain pleaded for people to teach an illiterate adult how to read. I wanted to laugh, but that depressing speech about McCain’s time as a POW had me thinking about how that guy holding the sign was probably a Nam vet with mental scars and probably had a lot more on his mind than how to spell Dallas’s basketball team name.

    McCain is not a good speaker, but he did a pretty good job. His POW story really hit below the belt. You know he can’t lift his arms above his head because they kept breaking his arms in prison? I know that information is irrelevant to the attributes of a president, but it just shows that he might be able to pull people’s hearts in the way Obama has always been able to do. Before tonight, I didn’t think McCain stood a chance, but between this speech and the fact that Obama picked this lame Biden as his running mate, maybe they’ve got a sliver of a shot.

    I’m probably gonna catch some hate for this, but I like both presidential candidates. The problem lies in the VP choices. McCain is old, and let’s face it, there’s a pretty good shot he’ll die during his term. Palin is an interesting person, but there’s no way I want her talking to Arabian oil czars if ol John croaks. Biden is a sly old Senator and has never advocated “change” the way Barack does. Barack should have picked a better VP. Experienced, yes, but not such a boring person.

    In short, McCain’s a straight up G. I’ll give him that. But it’s still Obama-Biden 2008 for me.

  2. Ian M. Summers Says:

    Biden is boring, lol? That cat is funny as hell. You should have seen him on Real Time on HBO back when he first came out declaring his candidacy, hilarious and sharp. Also, when asked what his favorite thing about Dennis Kucinich was (who was sitting right next to him at the time) he immediately answered “His wife”, pretty funny at the time.

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  4. Be On It Says:

    I doubt that man holding the sign was a vet. The armed forces have tests, just like public schools…oh wait, I just denigrated my point.

    I couldn’t watch the RNC in its entirety because of the whole Them factor. How can I vote for candidates who not only don’t advocate policies that will make my life better, but clearly give a hearty F-U! to me and those who share my demographics?

  5. Stizzo Says:

    I don’t know. Would you rather rely on the government to take care of your problems or your own self?

  6. KIR in NV Says:

    I work in government. Judging by the bs I encounter daily at all levels (federal, state, local), I wish to advise my UvT peeps NOT to count on my fellow employees for sh!t. The high level of fail that permeates the system ain’t gonna change any time soon, even if candidates are promising change.

    Government: If you think the problems are bad, wait until you see our solutions.

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