Can You Find The “Family Values Hero”?


Here’s a little game we played today at UvT headquarters.

Can you find the Sarah Palin?  Hey, looking at the pic for the first time, I could only positively tell you that she wasn’t the black lady watching the action, otherwise, I was stumped.  But then I looked really hard, decided who looked most moral and it was easy as Amurican pie.  So tell me, is it:

1.  The Adam Morrison/Levi Johnston look-a-like?

2.  The semi thick thighed shorty rock with the spoon administered Peter Brady haircut?

3.  The chick delivering that forearm shiver across ole girl’s bosom, or

4.  The crotch shot babe getting her win on after an apparent loose ball scrum.

You tell me, which is my Conservative Hero and yours, Sarah Palin?

– Lake

4 Responses to “Can You Find The “Family Values Hero”?”

  1. SMH Says:

    its 2

  2. Will Says:

    yeah, 2. thick-thigh chik.

  3. Be On It Says:

    Number 4, easy. Besides flashing her bits, and talking trash, what else has she got?

  4. Andrea Says:

    UMM DEF Number 4…look at the nose!

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