Shocker: Jamaican Track Stars Are Beginning to Get Busted For Drugs


Wait, you can’t smash world records while jogging the last 15 meters in a 100 meter race, as you run sideways and order up some delicious ox tails?

Come on now.  I’m not saying all the Jamaicans were on performance enhancers, but didn’t it seem a bit odd to see so many of those cats getting their effortless Gold Medal trot on?  If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.  Today it’s some hurdlers getting busted, in 6 months it will be someone else and finally, Usain’s presently undetectable Rum Runner-HGH-Red Stripe elixir of speed will be exposed.  Ha  Dude clearly didn’t want to break that record too much, which is why he jogged the last 15 meters!!!!

I know, I know, he just works harder, plus he’s 6, 4.  Believe me, I know.  Just wait and though you heard it here first, believe me, if you paid any attention, you’ve already told yourself that something wasn’t right.  ha

– Lake

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8 Responses to “Shocker: Jamaican Track Stars Are Beginning to Get Busted For Drugs”

  1. okolepuka Says:

    This will be a huge disappointment. Watching Bolt run was a thrill and had the feeling of a historic moment. This will be highly disappointing.

    Still, you are right, it was freakish.

  2. Will Says:

    C’mon yall chill out foreal. Michael Johnson was EXTRA-freakish at the time he did his shit too, and he wasn’t busted for shit! Lets just see what happens to the rastamon.

  3. DHater Says:

    Lake, You need to stop hating on the little island that could. You know those record breaking runs came from a training diet of sunshine, curry goat, yams and cola champagne.

    I don’t believe those positive tests. They’re all rigged anyway.

  4. SMH Says:

    lake stays hating

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    LOL.. sorry Dhate, you know it’s true. Homey could have backpedaled in for that gold. To quote my friends at this RNC – USA, USA, USA.. ha

  6. Stizzo Says:

    I’ll consider Lake’s post a segway into another topic–I thought the GOP shed the cowboy hat country music image. WTF is this “House Is A-Rockin” BS? And now this guy looks and talks like a game show host…

  7. Sheneka Russell Says:

    Let us all admit the fact that true stars and champions come from Jamaica we are the best ever its JAMAICA 2 D WORLD!!!!!! please american loosers dont hate us because we are winners and world record holders.Let me give you the remedy, eat right, live right and eating rite does not mean eating pasta or the junk food that you ppl feed on it means eating renta yam, yellow yam, dasheen, breadfruit, cornmeal dumplin, turned cornmeal and steamed fish and drinking the real Jamaican “blen up blen up”.


  8. Lake Arlington Says:

    Sheneka, we’re just waiting on that Jamaican HGH to come out and then we’ll see what you say. And no, it doesn’t matter if yall put it in a bottle of Ting or Red Stripe. You don’t go from nada, to world power in 4 years.. Mango aint that good. Look at it this way, you’ll always have Rohan Marley.

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