Palin is a Pitbull in a Skirt


Hey, I pretty much dislike most everything she stands for and she’s lied about Barack Obama thoroughly throughout the entire speech, but I must admit, Sarah Palin is hard and somehow still likable.

I thought John McCain was going away from attacks, jabs, ridicule and overall negativity.  Surprise, surprise, the Republicans are up to their old tricks.

Game on muthafuckers….GAME ON!

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9 Responses to “Palin is a Pitbull in a Skirt”

  1. otis Says:

    yeah she was wildin out during the speech getting into the rock but basically its all for not i think her past will get her. but yeah she tried really hard but too hard cause ppl will look through that/ and on a side note on msnbc pat buchanans hair is freakin me out

  2. Stizzo Says:

    She handled herself pretty damn well. Hell, her whole insane stance on abortion combined with the issue with her youngest song almost had me rethinking my opinion on abortion. But with the amount of foreign policy she’s done there’s no way she could run our country if McCain croaks. She’s got a lot of potential, but not yet.

    Obama-Biden 2008. The safer choice.

  3. Alaska Love Says:

    She’s a total bitch. Period point blank. She’s just like all the rest of the Republicans…. Good to see her daughter’s baby daddy in attendance with a clean shave and blank stare. Game on is right. I hope the Dems rip her apart.

  4. Susan Smith, MD Says:

    Totally negative speech from Sarah Palin. Why would you introduce yourself like that with so much hate and negativity? Gosh, I’m so sick of this kind of thing. Why did she have to come up and be a total bitch? I hate politics.

  5. too tough Says:

    fuck that bitch…

  6. KIR in NV Says:

    And THIS is exactly why so many people get turned off to the process and stop participating. I hope now that everyone’s had their chance to drop their tired rhetoric on us, we keep it moving and turn our attention to some real issues. I’m far more interested in hearing the candidates’ positions than some wack bs about someone’s crazy pastor or someone else’s errant child.

  7. okolepuka Says:

    I thought she did a good job, but not a great job. I too came away liking her more, or at least knowing her more.

    I don’t really get the heavy love she is feeling from the R party, or at least the comments that she hit it out of the park and such. She did ok, but went negative, a little overly so. To be honest her negativity became gratuitous.

    I do find her attractive though, but not hot.

    All in all I would give her a C+. Those who are giving her an A had low expectations to begin with.

  8. Will Says:

    Neo-Conservatives have been using FEAR and HATE tactics for the past 8 years and nothing new here. Take Palin, peel off her tough-talking, Bible-humping, semi-cougar exterior, and what you have left is something short of Ann Coulter.
    actually, if you peel off her exterior, you might have this! –> ha!

  9. Todd Says:

    The chick definitely went hard with the body blows on Obama last night. I mena she WENT IN! I think she’s full of it. But I’ll be damned if I cna’t give credit when it’s due. She killed that speech last night.

    The campaign is working overtime trying to turn her into America’s Sweetheart/America’s Hero/She’s Just Like You and Me. And you know what? That bullsh*t just may work.

    Know what’s funny? This time last week, I may have heard her name mentioned once, maybe twice. Now? She got those anchors on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC running wild. I haven’t seen a chick get this much heat since Vickie Gurrero (for all you WWE fans out there).

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