Barack Did It


Shout out to Barack Obama for accepting the Democratic Nomination last night.

This is a moment in history that most people didn’t think America was ready for.  Barack seized the moment and delivered eveything anyone could have possibly asked for.  He acknowledged the history, he addressed the issues, he set the prime moments of his agenda, he drew a stark difference between himself and McCain.  And yes, I will be watching the Republican convention next week to see what they have to say.  I fully expect to see more of this.

Fuck Fox News.


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10 Responses to “Barack Did It”

  1. otis Says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa obama bin biden hahaha wow fox news is great i love how where i work i go to different diznesses and they are force feeding their workers fox news on the tvs. hahaha well thats oklahoma and america for ya

  2. Will Says:

    Fuckin Faux are idiots.

  3. Pe. Riche. Says:

    I agree. Fox is just complete shit. Everything they “stand” for is just pure fuckery.

    The things that they have been able to get away with when hurling insults at Barack and Michelle are lewd. And how many times do we need to hear that mccain was a POW? How many POW do you know are living the way he is?

  4. KIR in NV Says:

    It is an historic time. I’m actually looking forward to this year’s presidential election and, like Brock, will be tuning into the Republican convention next week. McCain’s veep choice is an intriguing one and I’m curious how that will play out throughout the party.

    I haven’t paid attention to mainstream TV “news” media since about 1989 so can’t comment about that. However, they can mention McCain’s POW status all day as far as I’m concerned. That is some serious business and I give McCain and the others in his fraternity mad props for their endurance and sacrifice. If they want to add it to the resume and put it on the business card, it’s all good with me.

  5. otis Says:

    i think john mcbush’s vp choice is comedy cause the whole campain all he has harped on is how obama doesnt have experience yet he goes for someone that is two years younger then obama and has less experience i believe

  6. Manuva Says:

    Speaking of Veep picks, check out McCain’s second in command. For real, take a second look at Sarah Palin. Former runner-up in Miss Alaska (where?) and cover of Vogue magazine. Ain’t no fuckin around for the Republicans….

  7. Ian M. Summers Says:

    Wow. I can’t believe that actually made it onto a major news nework.

    Theres clearly business interests influencing all the right/left slant that makes it to network news. The news is the news, it ought to be pretty close to the same on all the different channels, which would be bad business. But I don’t understand why news networks are so hypocritical about the slants in their political coverage in order to attract different viewers. If they just acknowledged it I’m sure most people, for better or worse, would be like “D’uh” and keep it moving. Whats scarier to me is that people would rather watch someone present them with the facts and a sympathetic opinion, or gentle nudge towards the formation of their own rather than objective, factual reporting. Americans are forgetting how to think for themselve’s or are too lazy to do so. That scares the shit out of me.

  8. Stizzo Says:

    I’d smash Palin.

  9. h8torade Says:

    bad things go through my head when I peep this pic…

    I’d like to drill around in her Alaskan pipeline…..

  10. otis Says:

    easy way for us to win wars and have good foreign relations just have her let the foreign dudes beat for a bit. smart move mcbush u shrewed rascal

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