Barack to Hillary: YES I DID!!!!


Not sure if any of you remember the scene from Friday where Smokey’s mom punks Craig for slamming her screen door hard, gives him that evil eye and then gets back on the phone and laughs her ass off talking about “HAAAAAAA, YES I DID”… LOL.  Dude, it’s fucking hilarious.  Well, when I saw this picture of Barack looking at Hilly C. give her pro-Barack so I can run in 4 to 8 years speech, I immediately thought about his saying that:

Haaaaaa, the expression on his face is priceless.  Nuff respek by the way to Hillary for her classy speech, now if she can get her nation of non leg and under arm shaving Hilla-Nazis to and vote for Obama because guess what, YOU AINT GOT NO ONE ELSE TO VOTE FOR!

Yes He Can, but don’t fool yourselves into thinking it’s gonna be easy.  I had a few people tell me today that “he’s too this and too that” and “oh by the way his church this and his wife that.”  Let me give you all a translation for 80% of the Barack criticism:

“Barack is black and thus I will not vote for him, thanks.”

If you don’t realize that this is a major factor in this race, you’re an idiot. Let’s hope for all our sake he can overcome it.  And no that’s NOT me holding that sign.  I love Middle Amurica…”U.S.A.  U.S.A.”  ahnt

– Lake


9 Responses to “Barack to Hillary: YES I DID!!!!”

  1. okolepuka Says:

    I am voting for Obama but your line of “Barack is black and thus I will not vote for him, thanks.” is bullshit, simplistic, and counter productive. If the D party takes that like they can kiss “President Obama” goodbye. Most people do not like to be judged as racist by anyone, let alone D party activists.

    Have you ever thought that maybe 80% of the aversion to Obama may be related to the issues, not the color of his skin, or is that racist?

    Don’t like his platform on abortion or his voting record? Racist!

    Pull your head out and give people more credit. Focus on the issues not this bullshit issue of racism.

  2. Will Says:

    hahaha Lake u really had to clear it up that is NOT you holding that sign? thas funny 😛

    Smoky’s mom – double HA!

    wtf is a ‘feminist’ anyway? No really.

  3. Maurice Says:

    To Okolepuka:

    There is a book that you should read:

    Racism is alive and well, and if you don’t think that (white) people (and black people too! Uncle Tom ain’t dead yet! In fact, there’s one in the Supreme Court), well, you need to educate yourself.

    The more and more I hear people say “this campaign is not about race” the more and more it seems to be. The Dems are trying to play it up about the middle class to appeal to white Americans, but the results are a bit ambiguous. I really believe that after winning the Dem nomination, people are starting to do a double-take, “Are we really about to put a black man into the presidency?” Coleman Powell said that we were not ready, and that was in this decade….

  4. Be On It Says:

    Will, I expected better from you. Feminists come in many shades and varieties; from the cool chick who busted her arse in school and wants to get paid the same salary as the other entry level engineer who just happens to be male, paid maternity leave, affordable childcare, and the ability to control her reproductive system (cause Lord knows men are too wimpy to take oral contraceptives, even if they were available, but that’s for another post) etc.; to the haven’t shaved my legs or pits for years angry man hater who wants the same things as above. The same variety of types exists in women, even feminists, as in any other segment of the population.

    @ okolepuka: yes, it is narrow minded to call someone a racist for the reasons you mentioned, but people who supported Hillary who won’t vote for Barack have some ‘splaining to do because their policy positions are so similar. And, I’ve had several conversations with people who belong to the other party, who give their reasons for not voting for Barack:
    1. He is pro-choices (abortion should be safe, legal, and rare) – which is an understandable position
    2. He’s a Muslim (a lie that they refuse to acknowledge as such)
    3. His pastor (and yet they have no problem with Pat Robertson)
    4. His wife (she’s not a hoodrat, a video chick, doesn’t have four kids with four different daddies, was never on welfare, is too skinny to be a mammy so she must be angry)
    5. He has questionable associates (has they even read the news about Cheney, Gonzalez, et. al?)

    Anywho, all of the aformentioned, except for number one, just goes to show that people will go to extraordinary lengths to justify their likes or aversions. Especially since every last one of these people seem to think that Dubya, the alcoholic, druggie, combat-dodging frat boy who used his parents’ money to party his way to the White House, and has let Voldermort (sp?) and company ruin the country while war profiteering. What explanation can they give for being so gracious and forgiving for one candidate, while grasping to the most flimsy rumor about another one?

  5. Will Says:

    Wow Be! ❤ where can I get one of you at? lol

  6. RosyF Says:

    @Be I could stand up an clap for the way you articulated all your points. I agree with everything you said.

    @okolepuka Lake never used the word racist. Personally I don’t even bother using the word because most people won’t own up to their racist animus and prejudices because “we” like to think a racist is some KKK not something that is in “us” and a part of this culture that one must actively fight.

    @Will I am proud progressive feminist who keeps it smooth – so watch out now. At the end of the day it means I am pro women having choices in the home, at work and in public.

  7. Will Says:

    okay. Well i guess I had an “extreme” maxed-out view of feminists! but check it….

    @ Maurice – who is COLEMAN POWELL??? LOL

  8. okolepuka Says:

    “and black people too! Uncle Tom ain’t dead yet! In fact, there’s one in the Supreme Court”

    See now, this is exactly what I am talking about. You can’t assume someone is racist, or motivated by racial identity, or guilt, because they have different politics than you.

    What, Clarence Thomas is an Uncle Tom because he is a conservative? His political ideology has nothing to do with race.

    My issue is many of us who support the D party equate evil or socially unacceptable views with those who do not agree with the party platform, or leftist ideology. This is to our own detriment. It leads to excluding a large swath of the voting population who are repulsed by this type of school yard taunts.

    I know racism exists, believe me, but the D party, and party supporters need to separate racism from ideological differences in their own minds. It is unhealthy and intellectually dishonest.

    This is just my opinion, one mans opinion.

    One other thing, why the hell is this board so pro Duke University basketball, seriously, why?

  9. KIR in NV Says:

    Cosign with both my girls, Be and RosyF, on all points. And Will, I stay on the cutting edge of hair removal technology so don’t get it twisted.

    @okolepuka: It’s one thing to debate politics. It’s quite another to call out Duke hoops. Lake will cut you.

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