Minnie Driver Looking Good


It’s pretty terrible and corny, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Minnie Driver.

And let’s face it, she’s been hot since Good Will Hunting:

Now?  Well, how do ya like them apples?

ARRRRGGGGGHHH.  Now see, I’ll never understand why you ladies insist on rocking bikinis when you’re preggers.  And those big mama draws you got on the bottom, just terrible dude.  You can stop that anytime, celebrity or not.  Yuck.

I said it.

– Lake

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8 Responses to “Minnie Driver Looking Good”

  1. Stizzo Says:


    minnie driver was never hot. not even in good will hunting. i thought i put this page in my bookmarks because you guys had similar tastes in women to me, but it’s starting not to seem like it. you know which boring white actress i just realized was hot? winona ryder. but not minnie driver. never that.

  2. Be On It Says:

    Awww, leave the preggers peeps alone. You know what a bikini on a beached whale means? It means “I DON’T GIVE A F@CK!” Kind of like these Florida dudes that just stop combing their hair, take the turd locks and wrap them with rubber bands to create a huge tower pointed up to the sky, and get the dollar store special grillz. Somethings gross you out, some things gross me out, but I doubt any of the offenders give a hoot.

    And, while I’d prefer not to see distended bellies while on vacay, I would much rather see that than man fur, man boobs, man afro in the nether regions, dun-lap-itis, black toenails, and all the other crappy things that men let happen to their bodies because they don’t have sense enough to keep it tight. Did you see that pic of Kanye on vacay w/o a shirt? Dummies like that need to be shot on site to prevent such foolishness.

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Be, I did see that Kanye shot, but according to UvT Law 1.1 Rule 1, Line 1 entitled “No Gay Shit” I was prevented from posting it. Ha. Look, I agree there’s a “I don’t give a fizzuck” when a cat does it. But this goes for the banana hammock euros out there who hit Miami Beach with Minnie’s belly too. If you don’t got it, don’t flaunt it. And let’s be clear, Minnie looks a MESS right here. Children are beautiful, but that’s just nasty.

  4. Will Says:

    ay Lake I’ll give you this – Minnie DID have that 15min of Hollywood potential early on when her breasticles did all the acting for her. She had that lil cute British/Aussie/Welsh (wtf is she anyway?) thang going for her.

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    Young William – Agreed, I’m a body man and try to stay above the soft factors like accent, talent and personality, BUT that British shit was grrrreat in Good Will Hunting. My brother went to Harvard, so I’ve spent plenty of time over there, believe me, there aren’t a lot of bad ass british babes with opens minds and banging J game, ok? She played that role beautifully though. Who doesn’t want that kind of chick on their team?

    On a separate note, how will the sweater vest and the rest of the fellas fair this year in that Little Eleven conference? Who yall got coming back? You need to go ahead and install that Vince Young level cat you got at QB. We need some excitement from the Buckeyes. I trust that Michigan will lackluster…AGAIN.

  6. Will Says:

    WHo we got coming back? THE ENTIRE SQUAD. What does that mean since I spelled it in all caps? Probably nothing, another Big Game upset? Ha. Offense was never an issue, and whatever we lacked will be addressed once we unleash that young ‘Vince Young 2.0’.

    on another note, I’m down here in Longhorn territory and UT/ Mack Brown swears they have some kinda great 2-QB /3-RB offense lined up for this season. Hey, Does the rest of the country even care about UT football?

  7. Be On It Says:

    NO. I’m in ACC country, and there are just a few teams that my current school cares about. Not that it will make much difference because the team will be sorry. And my alma mater is an HBCU, so clearly I have to be a bandwagon fan every year to care about football and have exciting games to watch.


    Minnie is definitely adorable. She has a swagger about her especially in her newest project The Riches she looks amazingly hot…. Just gorgeous… BTW HI LAKE!!!!! Its been a min since I checked in… Oh and we’ll see just how well Michigan does this year with our new coach AND lol now that we have to pay even more for these new SUITE tickets… I’m sure they have to be doing something great to keep the Alumni paying for that!!!!

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