Knocked the F- Out! Crazy Jodeci Video


Damn, I remember back when Jodeci was the best shit out and you’d basically trade your life right on the spot to walk in their shoes….well, not anymore.  Those mufuckers are cracked the fucked out and just down right awful.  Peep the shit at the 1:40 mark.

Holy shit!  Yall tell me what’s crazier, the fact that they’re using that weak ass stage smoke (and nothing else), that big man immediately rolled out to pick up the mic (but not JoJo) or that KCi kept on singing?!  haaaa.   I actually appreciated that he kept singing.  Rocks or not, a dude has to keep shit professional, right?

Lord Jesus and baby Jesus, please help these dudes.  Somewhere Mary J. Blige is shaking her head.

– Lake


4 Responses to “Knocked the F- Out! Crazy Jodeci Video”

  1. Pe. Riche. Says:

    “Somewhere Mary J. Blige is shaking her head.”

    Umm, no. Somewhere Mary J is saying, “Ha! Karma bit all up in they asses!”

  2. Todd Says:

    So, so sad

    * Puts on the “Forever My Lady” cd and pours out a lil liquor*

  3. Will Says:

    Man that is some sad shit! Especially after revisiting the genius of ‘The Show, The Afterparty, The Hotel’ (which for me was the soundtrack to the life of a playa/baller) – WTF HAPPENED?? At this point I dont even think a Jodeci reunion is doable. I coudln’t bear to see these cats all fat, outta shape, strung out, crackd out, etc…

  4. RosyF Says:

    MJB laughed but then remembered she is in a better place now, then shook her head. I have to confess I let a laugh escape (the commentary was just to funny..”pick em up”) before I remembered this is sad and crazy. Dr. Drew please do an intervention.

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