People Had Jokes For Nick, But Who’s Laughing Now?


Maaaayne, I can’t never lie.  Even I was semi hatin on young Nicolai for his random nuptial announcement with Mimi.  But I must admit, if Mooriah keeps it slim and dare I say cute, it seems like Mrs. Nick Carey made a helluva deal in this one:

Damn, this is the best I’ve seen Mariah..well, EVA!  That dress is looking right, the legs, sittin on dubbs, are propped up looking good and that midriff is securely tucked in tight so that we don’t have to worry about that weird stomach piece.  See, with no belly out, she just looks like a hype ass extra aerobicized “not quite yet a cougar.”  It’s a good look for her, but more importantly, it’s a good look for young Nickle.  I mean, how much loot do you think this cat has cleared in deferred products and services already since he got married?

Sure she probably has him tightened up with a pre-nup, but if he can get those fertility pills to work, get a few more European vacations and live to see a couple Christmas/Birthday combos, I’d say this little venture was a complete success.  Then, once he’s stacked enough cougar paper, he can get back to the level (and age) of lady he was accustomed to before.

And let’s face it, Nack can use MC’s dough.  I aint gonna say the dude isn’t talented, because he is.  But that Wild’n out became played riiiight after Wayne Brady came on and blew up the spot.  Yep, Young Nick has done well with this little investment in MC’s long loot cakes and from the looks of those long grins, life is lovely and a far cry from these days.

Crazy how much better a cat looks with some money. I mean, look at this pic versus that first pic above.  It’s literally a new cat once he was dipped in dollars (the one and only hot line from Loon’s rap career).

– Lake

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3 Responses to “People Had Jokes For Nick, But Who’s Laughing Now?”

  1. Stizzo Says:

    broke Christina Milian > rich Mariah Carey

    Not that ‘Stina is broke or anything. I still think Cannon lost the battle, I mean, I like Mariah and all but I get the feeling that behind closed doors she’s still an emotional train wreck, even though her career is back on track. Damn, look at that, I just used two clichés to make a pun. I should get paid for this…

  2. KIR in NV Says:

    I thought there was no prenup so I’m not sure how much time Mr. Cannon-Carey needs to put in.

    I agree with Stizzo, Mariah has always struck me as terribly insecure. That kind of constant approval-seeking has to wear thin.

  3. Brock Hardon Says:

    Stizzo’s “two cliches to make a pun” is hilarious work. Well done.

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