Thick Amanda Cicchini: The Saga Continues


Boy, I was just chillin out, reading up on my UvT when I saw Brock’s post on that wild Amanda Cicchini. Ohhh wee, that chick is tight.  I don’t know about yall, but this is the one that got me:

Yessir, I must finally be feeling that hippie vibe, because this shot makes a mufucka wanna go green, ya dig?  Then one of our readers put me onto some more pics that I just had to share.  Like to here they go:

Yeah, first you gotta start with that solid soccer pic.  You know that one that really shows you were all that thick came from.  All that cutting, change of direction and running around.  Sheeit, it’s true what they say, what doesn’t thicken you up, will make you stronger.  Soccer is good on the thigh.  Goes together like peas and carrots.

Now see, I really like this shot.  Reminds me of a fine wine.  So many textures and perfectly complex, ya know.  That bouquet is smooth and fulfilling, but that finish is fantabulous with hints of New Yawk City Sorta-Rican.  Sheeit, Cheetara of Thundercats fame would be proud of that posterior.  And the tight black pants?  A gift from above.  I’m not sure who introduced those to the broader public, but by my count it’s been a gift that’s been giving since about ’95.  I appreciate it.

Damn, is this chick fit or not?!  Wow, look at that waist piece.  I know, I know, the tail went into hiding like a frightened turtle.  Who knows, maybe she was going extra hard on the cardio, because this babe is clearly very intimate with the gym.  But please note the omnipresent thigh piece.  I mean, you sop them sumbitches up with some gravy, a biscuit and some slaw and you’re pretty much set for the night.  And maybe it’s just me, but the cheesier the expression/hair, the more attractive this kind of chick is to me.  I love that face she’s making, it just says “I’m ready for a classy evening of Madd Dogg 20/20 preceded by some Applebees.”  Right?

Damn, it’s official.  I just start from those terrible sandals and work my way up.

You know, I always feel bad for the other thick in these pics.  Like how must it feel to know that a bunch of cats are looking at your girl and NOT looking at you, except when they want to make a side crack about how much you’re NOT like little Ms. Thickness rubbed up against you.  I guess it’s just collateral damage, but still I thought I should just mention.  Ah, one more:

Very nice.  This babe just gives you what you want and need in the modern era of thick white chicks.  I like her a lot and in honor of her and the great state of West Virginia, I’ll fire up “Country Roads, Take Me Home” in honor of them legs and that ass.

– Lake


14 Responses to “Thick Amanda Cicchini: The Saga Continues”

  1. Derek P Says:

    Somebody is having lots of fun with that. Athletic chicks rock.

  2. Will Says:

    Yo Lake, your thoro analysis is on point as usual!
    Maaan, even in that first pic I can see that lil ‘hump’ bouncing around on the field. Damn them soccer chix, Mm! (don’t sleep on the field hockey girls either)
    These athletic chix bring that RIGHT kind of thikness, and after their careers are done there is a high percentage chance that they will cross into the MILF status.
    What I also dig about this Chicchini is that she seems real versatile – do you see ANYthing close to ‘hang ups’? Neither do I. Ol girl is down for whatever
    *That Cheetara reference had me rollin! WhereTF did that come from?! lol*

    Be, you may now cross-examine the witness. 😛

  3. Be On It Says:

    Screw you guys, I’m going home!

    I am not a man, so I will never understand your ever fluctuating standards. I am not, nor will I ever be impressed with that thing Brock, and Lake, and the rest of the guys here seem to be head over heels for. It must be the whole cuttability factor, you know, the extra sumthin that elevates a decent (and that’s a stretch) chick to a higher status because you know you don’t have to put in much work to bag that. She’s not hot, not for a blond, not for an athlete, not for anything. But she does have that gleam in her eye, as Lake put it, that “I’m ready for a classy evening of Madd Dogg 20/20 preceded by some Applebees” look. Stop the madness and admit that her, um, openness, is what is most appealing about her.

  4. KIR in NV Says:

    @Be: I hear you girl but boys will be boys. What are you gonna do? I don’t mind them indulging themselves especially since I know Lake is hard at work putting together a similar snyopsis for us, RIGHT LAKE?!?!?!

    Anyway, I have to laugh at some of the comments poppin off about the alleged hittability and hotness of some of these chicks. Field hockey dudes, I mean, chicks? For real? Will, those girls aren’t playing on your team, homey. Just like we know the chicks, I mean dudes, of figure skating aren’t down with us ladies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but some sh!t is a given. Don’t all porn flicks featuring girl-on-girl action have at least one scene?

    Everybody stop distracting Lake so he can get back to work on his Most Important Post of the year: Olympics Mens Hotness.

  5. Brock Hardon Says:

    Ladies, ladies. I know we’ve been a little Cicchini heavy lately but give us a little room to work here. Personally I’ve never been into Blonde chicks myself. Although I have an appreciation for all women they’ve never really done much for me. Just like I’ve never been a J’s dude. Never even see em unless they have been fully released and out on display by some young lady that wants exactly that kind of attention.

    @KIR I feel you on that Field Hockey. My man will might have gone one step too far on that one. Those women look skrong.

    @Be You know the problem. There is still an element of the unexpected going here. You know when someone who is not good at basketball hits the game winning three? That is what is happening. Sure, you feel sorry for the kid who worked the whole game to keep his team in it by dropping 20 and 10, but everyone wants to talk about the unexpected hero. We know the sisters are out there everyday with the phenominal tail game. From your self description (and the description of your workouts) it sounds like you might post 9’s and 10’s on the judges scorecards everyday. But alas, until you submit a pic (or we find you on facebook/google under your government name) we have to work what we’ve got.

    We’ll stop, we promise….right after these pics of Alicia Sacramone go up tonight. At least she’s a brunette, right? We’re getting closer.

  6. Lake Arlington Says:

    Be, I ADMIT IT. Her “open” demeanor is a clean 65% of her appeal for me, her body is the rest though. Look, she’s unique and that goes a long way with simple minded individuals like ourselves.

    Hey, soft factors go a long way for me. Cool chick status is a high high honor and by “cool chick” I do mean one who knows sports, is funny, let’s the little things go and can party, but yes, cater to me and give me that “I only need the simple things” mixed with thunder… Yeah, I admit it, that’s attractive. I said it. And den what?

    Be, you let the mother of your children be complex so you don’t raise a gremlin. This chick aint my wife, but she could be Wife-ee (for a summer).. ya dig?

  7. Lake Arlington Says:

    Kir, you Olympic manz and dem hotness was that picture of Mike Phelps with his shirt off with his 8 gold medallions around his neck. I thought that would turn you on, so I kept it subtle. I’m certain he’s the most attractive man at the Olympiad…Don’t you think? ha

    Hittability is a real stat by the way. Many many factors.

  8. Lake Arlington Says:

    Ohhhhh, Brock. That fb, myspace and such was a step too far. Ole Be keeps it tight too. She aint gonna be found on these internets… Eh Be? ha I think she iced out my friend request on FB and Kir is just completely peaced out on that joint. The ladies keep it covert. I’m about to post a pic of that RosyF Baby though. I got picks of her in spades.

  9. KIR in NV Says:

    @ Brock and Lake: Ha, we gotta keep it on the low cuz some of the cats around here don’t know their place and might try to roll up on us at the grocery store with a “How you doin’?” and then it’s tasering. I’m sure neither of you wants THAT on your conscience!

    I can appreciate your honesty and as I said before, ain’t no thang as far as I’m concerned. We cool. Just don’t begrudge us females pointing out where you might be off track. And don’t go telling us our own collection of special pictures “got lost” when we know you threw those joints away cuz of your own insecurities. (That’s a special note for you Mr. Ex-KIR…that’s why I had to fire you). My bad, I got a little personal there.

    Anyway, what I can’t appreciate is the single measly photo of a shirtless Phelps + his bling. Where are my Title IX mandated blog posts? I got to rebuild my portfolio since it suffered a mysterious disappearance.

  10. KIR in NV Says:

    @Lake: One more thing since you’re my boy and I’m looking out for you…if Ms. Cicchini keeps her stuff (go ahead and read between the lines, ahem) like she keeps her house, you’re gonna want to double-wrap Lake Jr. before you hit. I hope she’s got a french maid outfit in her wardrobe and puts it to work on that stained up sh!t standing in for living room seating (read: boning). It looks tan / light brown in the photos but I bet that thing was white coming outta the furniture store showroom. Ick.

  11. Will Says:

    LOL – yes, field hockey. I just don’t have them incredible UvT interns to dig up some photos. Just going off of personal experience. What can I say.

  12. KIR in NV Says:

    @Will: Okay, I’ll have to take your word for it cuz those were the girls I had to put in check in the girls locker room during high school PE. Before some of you get it twisted, there was no nekkid catfight in the showers. Chill.

  13. RosyF Says:

    @Be You know I have your back but you gotta admit Ms. Cicchini has a nice body. Her abs, legs, and in the words of UvT tailpiece are all solid. You can’t argue that. Not to give her any credit makes is unreasonable. Her face is fine is cute enough and the rest of it can help or or hurt depending on what you are looking for. She may not be a girl for all seasons but to party with…hell ya and she is right for UvT. No on is saying she is Christina Milian…ahntweezy.

    @Lake – what chu talkin about posting pics…don’t make me get an injunction on you especially if it aint my good side..ahnt

    Love the blog…keep it classy y’all

  14. Lake Arlington Says:

    Kir, quietly, I peeped the dirty crib. No lie. NOT COOL. Rose F., don’t worry about what I got…when I post em, it’ll be the best side…for my purposes. thx.

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