Amanda Cicchini: The New Thickness


As promised Us Versus Them is here to keep you on the cutting edge of crazy bodies out there in college sports.  We brought you Allison Stokke, we brought you Megan Ohai, and now we may have the baddest one yet.  Amanda Cicchini.

The soccer field is delivering right now because Cicchini is playing out there in West Virginia.  I know it is a small pic, nothing special, right?  Let’s see what she’s talking about in those street clothes.

Cute Girl, good face, but it looks like she’s working too hard to poke the booty out on this one.  Those thighs are setting up for greatness though.

PlaDOW.  Good lawd.  Look, she’s definitely putting a little extra twist on it, but she definitely knows exactly what she’s working with.  That hook might be the most serious I’ve ever seen on one of Lake’s cousins.  I mean from this angle you might be tricked into thinking that the ass in big because the back cheek is supplementing the front cheek.  But here, the ass cheeks are both clearly defined.

Whaaaaaaa…and she’s a freak too?

I know I’m doing too much now, but I just can’t stop.  She’s trying to tuck that waist in extra tight to prop that tail out.  I’m not mad at her though.

Not the playboy bunny too.  I need some more of these right here.  That black dress is locked in tight.  There is too much shadow going on here, but look at where that hand is and how much black dress there in on the right hand side of that joint.  Man.  Miss Cicchini, I expect great things from you.  Don’t let me down.


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19 Responses to “Amanda Cicchini: The New Thickness”

  1. Nostradamus Says:

    This girl is a cutie pie, but she’s even more of a butter than Ohai!

    Yup, those 45 degree angle shots hide the plainness of the eyes and face. You know Brock, this girl is really cute, and I wouldn’t have been so critical if you didn’t just connotate that she’s more bad than Allison. Tsk tsk.

    Speaking of blonde athletes, you might want to devote half a blog post to Alicia Sacramone. She’s WAY too masculine right now, but that’s a goddamn blue chip prospect. Five years after she retires, she’s going to be the baddest of the bad, I know this. Because I’m Nostradamus.

  2. Will Says:

    stokke, ohai, now cicchini – maaan this just gets better and better! 🙂

  3. otis Says:

    yessssssssssssss right up mi alley

  4. Todd Says:

    Stokke – the cutest

    Ohai – the best backside/thigh piece

    Cicchini – the right combo of both. She’s got more thunder than Stokke, but is cuter than Ohai.

  5. Be On It Says:

    Nope, sorry, not buying it. This is a toned chick who pushes it out for maximum effect. Cicchini – we don’t believe you. And Brock, shame on you! If a blond wig piece and a barely decent lower quad is all that is needed to make this list, then you are truly slackin on yo pimpin.

    And what is up with borderline ugly white chicks going blond thinking that it makes them look more hot? I know some guys are stupid enough to believe it, but really? Sometimes, a rich auburn or chestnutt brown works waaaay better. Lake, please tell your melonin mates that the bottle blond trick should be used sparingly.

  6. Be On It Says:

    To continue, I suggest you read my comment on yesterday’s (?) post on Allison Stokke. Clothes make all the difference. And this chick has obviously mastered the cramp-inducing supreme back arch to increase what she has. Stop feinin on the snow bunnies who don’t have what it takes to make it here at UvT. You’re giving false hope to a whole generation of average chicks.

  7. SMH Says:

    what about the proffessionals at the olympics?

  8. royal Says:

    @ SMH
    I hear you bout those olympic cuties. Alicia Sacramone and some other chick from Paruguay (sp?) awful Javalin thrower/model are coming out strong. Aside from that are the usuals Amanda Beard, Jennie Fench…etc…etc…
    Anyone seen any other thunder?

  9. royal Says:

    Realized I might as well go the extra mile…
    The chicks name is Leryn Franco. Saw her during the 16 hour long opening ceremony…Camera’s wouldn’t stay off of her…even though she is terrible at javalin.
    I now know why.

  10. mrod Says:

    Wow. I miss college.

  11. Bill Parcells Says:

    @ Be On It
    You, my friend are definitely on something and I want none of it. Take your hate speech and terrible rhetoric elsewhere…Cicchini gets it all day any day.

  12. Be On It Says:

    @ Bill Parcells,

    Shoo fly, don’t bother me. If you think Cicchini is hot, that’s your opinion, it’s not one I happen to share. And don’t try to make my comments seem like hate speech. Offensive? Maybe, especially if you happen to like bottle blonds and women who walk and stand like they’re constipated. But only in the respect that I DON’T THINK THIS CHICK IS CUTE! I’d say it to her face: U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no alibi you UGLY!

    And I have nothing against blonds, bottle or otherwise. I just don’t understand why some chicks (of all ethnicities) makes them think it looks better. It doesn’t.

  13. russel Says:

    chicchini has it and MORE…this girl is hot hot hot

  14. Bill Parcells Says:

    @ Be On It
    Relaaaaax buddy…”hate speech” was a figure of speech. I didn’t really think you were an actual racist…until you started getting all defensive. Ha…just kidding. Besides, I’m Italian, isn’t that something like the pot calling the kettle…

  15. Be On It Says:

    i was going to get mad, until the pot thing… Anywho, you should know I keep my finger poised over the trigger.. or, to be consistent with my metaphor on other posts, I keep my hater cap next to my keyboard, for easy access during appropriate situations 🙂

  16. royal Says:

    Leryn Stays winning.

  17. yoman Says:

    More pics…

    You’re welcome.

  18. johnny Says:

    ohaaaiiii all the way! u think this girl is cute then u got another thing coming.. if you saw ohai in person you would be very impressed.. she is gorgeous! and her body is something you can not explain.. sorry chicchini but pushing ur butt out as far as you can only makes it look bigger in the pictures.. ur not fooling me

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