Allison Stokke Update: New Pics Still Bring the Thunder


Allison Stokke is a mainstay here at Us Versus Them.  For those of you who don’t know, she is a pole vaulter who is now on the Cal track team doing her thing.  The only problem is that she’s incredibly hard to catch up with.  Seriously.  She’s not listed on the team site for the Cal Bears.  No bio, they took down the team poster, no candids or action shots of her on the site.  We need to send out an intern to start watching Pac-10 track and field or we will never get any pics again.  But you know we take good care of you here at UvT.

Man, it really starts at the thighs here.  She can try to pull down those shawt shawts all she wants, it’s not going to help, you can still see that she’s working with something.

You can even bring it in close.  She’s still tight too.  Stomach great, shorts tight.  Can we work the profile?

Is that the first clean Stokke profile ever?  She’s got that Skrong booty.  You can tell it is more training than genetics…not much though.  I’d call it 60/40.

Angle 2 of the profile starts to make me question it.  The thighs are still thick, the tail piece clearly sets up, but it isn’t phenomenal.  Did Stokke lose a step?

My bad.  Forget I ever said anything.  Good Lawd.  That is the triple tuck right there.


Who is this young, fresh challenger for the Stokke throne?  She’s an athlete, and trust me there’s a LOT more where this came from.  The assologist won’t let you down.  More tomorrow…


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9 Responses to “Allison Stokke Update: New Pics Still Bring the Thunder”

  1. that guy who still says 'sike' Says:

    first rule of stalking allison stokke is you don’t talk about allison stokke. i just read those pictures on your blog right now got pulled from ucla’s site, along with her school picture and any picture with allison stokke in it. we may never hear from her again.


  2. Royal Says:

    Psh, there is a difference between the stalking, and sharing limitless flyness with the internets…

    With that said, I’m gonna have to say that Megan Ohai out of USC wins the tailpeice crown…However Stokke might be the Pac-10 leader in looks overall.
    Shoot the NCAA football seasons comin’ up. Might need a flyness breakdown by conference…I dunno, Pac-10 might stay winning (especially after that Pac-10 Playboy breakdown a few years ago) however the SEC and ACC might bring some unseen heat??
    …You be the judge…

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  5. Will Says:

    @Royal – i agree that Ohai brings some serious thunder – but for overall thikness + flyyness + CUTEness, Stokke is pretty strong in that respect.
    BUT…this latest development is lookin diriculous!….

  6. Be On It Says:

    Just a little lesson for all interested parties:

    1. The butt always looks bigger in dresses than pants. If want to know what a girl is working with, check her out in a pair of pants. For the most objective results, get her in a pair of classic cut business slacks (the higher end the better. The cheap Forever 21 slacks do not count). Many a dude has fallen for the working-at-a-call-center, got her club cute work outfit on, looking like she’s packing heat. But the one time she’s a little late washing that polyblend, he finds out that it was all in the clothes. Any chick looking to attract attention knows which cuts to wear to enhance her assets (hence why you see all these girls wearing low rise juniors pants that cause the now-you-see-it, now you dont ass effect)

    2.Natural booties decrease in size when encased in tight (and/or spandex) pants. This effect is greatest for women with small bottoms, or bottoms that don’t have a lot of muscle. Shape of the bottom also determines shrinkage (high booties shrink the least, …[wait, I’m looking for the right word here. I don’t have a degree in assology, so bear with me]… well, girls with butts shaped like AKeys, Tracey Ellis-Ross, etc. shrink the most). If you observe a girl, and her backside never changes size or shape regardless of the clothing that she has on, it’s fake.

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  9. sambalfootball Says:

    Nice damn blog.Just love it!

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