Olympic Babes: Quest for Olympic Thickness Part 1


Yeah, I know, I know, the 4 x 100 MEN’S swimming race was the best win thus far in the Olympics, no this year, no wait, EVER IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS.

Yeah… that was pretty good, I mean dude did walk that cat down in the final leg.  But at UvT, we care about something more important than that: The Hotter Babes of the XXIX Olympiad.  So I’m going to go on a quest that’s two fold.

1.  I’m looking for some Olympic thickness

Dasrite, I’m looking far and wide, close and near, high and low.  I just gotta have it.   But along the way, I’m willing to find a couple morsels I can keep.  Which leads me to my next endeavor..

2.  Hot babes found while searching for Olympic thickness or HBFWSOTs.

Somehow that acronym doesn’t seem to be working.  Oh but this is:

Oh indeed.  I’m at my best when I cater to my most base instincts, so this Bia & Branca Feres are more important to me than Michael Phelps shit is gonna get good!

Awww and they kept it All Brazilian wholesome too.  We all know how Brazilian chicks like to keep it clean.

Bang….  I know, I know, “they don’t have enough arse”…..or do they?

I know, I know Bia err Branca is propped up at the right angle, maybe with a lil help from her friend uncle photoshop.  Sure and that R. Kelly piss was just digital.

Well, sheeeeeit, that’s a lie a nilla can live with, ya dig?

I can’t tell you for sure if we’ve found our Olympic thickness, but we definitely found some Olympic badness.  These chicks are extremely bad.  And even if they’re not “thick” by definition, they’re Brazilian, so they appreciate and embrace the thick lifestyle.  Oh, and I forgot to say, they do synchronized swimming.  As if that matters, right?  LOL.  Right, clearly nobody is checking for their wonderful routine.  I know, that synchnon swimming is veeeery athletic.  A sport completely befitting an Olympic crown.

Ahhh, yes synchronicity.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Hey, I’m trying to stop posting pics, but it’s reaaally hard with these two.  I like it.

– Lake

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4 Responses to “Olympic Babes: Quest for Olympic Thickness Part 1”

  1. KIR in NV Says:

    Can we expect the Olympic Hotness, Testosterone Edition, later this week? Don’t be trying to drop the Hamm twins on us ladies, you know they had to drop out.

    Mens swimming manned up in the relay! I just caught the highlights on ESPN but that was impressive. Is it just me or was anyone else surprised to see some color on the squad? Just me? Okay, I’m a jerk. More importantly, those swimmers’ bodies (ignoring the shaved body hair weirdness…ewww) get bonus gold medals from this viewer. Everybody into the pool!

  2. Michael Phelps Says:

    Hey, Kir, even I don’t care about the male swimmer’s bodies, alright? Stick to the playbook my dear. Come join us in celebrating the body of work these young women have achieved.

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Ha, Kir, equal time from the ladies’ perspective….without getting too I want to work for Diddy on you, I’ll see what I can do. Rest assured, “thickness” will be nowhere in the title or body of that post though. lol.

    Any suggestions?

    Oh and we did peep the black dude in the water. First Obama, now this. The game is changing….for the better.

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