Big Brother 10: Ollie is a Son of A…


Preacher man.  What did you think I was going to say?

For those who aren’t up on Big Brother 10 (and why not?  This is solid summer programming)  Let me tell you about Ollie (real name Bryan Ollie).  This brother is the son of a preacher, has never had a sip of the devils nectar (he doesn’t drink), doesn’t curse, doesn’t smoke, played Football on full scholarship at Iowa State.  His father’s church is the real deal.  I’m talking faith healing, speaking in tongues, the whole nine.  I mean he really sounds like a good wholesome dude.

Oh and another thing?  Ollie is banging out April, the blonde haired white girl in the house like the next time might be his last time.

I’m talking about in broad daylight under a blanket.  I’m talking about in night vision.  Not to mention the fact that there is a straight up 24 hour a day live webcam feed going on in the house.  That means that everytime they get busy, that joint is being beamed all over the world live.

Now I haven’t been to church in a long time, but who cares if you don’t drink when you will cut on the internet live?  I doesn’t seem that impressive if you flaunt your principles and you are having sex every which-a-way.  Aren’t we picking our sins here?

I’m sure Ollie has the “I LV GSUS” licence plate.  I’m sure he doesn’t eat pork because he does not “partake in the cloven hoof”.  He is probably firm in his belief that all Jews and Muslims are going straight to hell because they have not accepted Jesus as their lord and savior.  Unprotected, premarital sex?  Hey, everyone needs one vice, right?

Look, normally I wouldn’t point this out, but Ollie ain’t making love here.  Once April won some privacy up in the HOH room, Ollie started fuckin.  I mean gettin it.  Don’t believe me?  Peep this. (NSFW, don’t turn up the volume either)

There hasn’t been night vision action like that since Paris Hilton.  It really starts getting loose at long about the 2:50 mark.  I didn’t watch it, but that is what I hear.  I mean slap it up, flip it, rub it down Ohhnooooooooo!

Look, when I saw that Ollie was that classic, comfortable with everyone football player, but I didn’t know he could run game like that.  I mean is it part of what they cover in practice?

That’s not Ollie, but you can tell they we’re trained in the game at the same school.  Look at this cat.  Got six chicks throwing the shocker.

Ollie.  You have one of the strongest games I’ve ever seen on Big Brother.  In fact, you might be the US Reality pimp of all time.  Sure your lady let an old dude grab her j’s on national tv as soon as she walked into the house, but she’s still a catch.  Oh, and she caught you giving Janelle a little too much love the other night.  Blonde girls are your kryptonite, huh?

Play on Playa.  Us Versus Them salutes you.


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8 Responses to “Big Brother 10: Ollie is a Son of A…”

  1. KIR in NV Says:

    Now I can’t say I’ve followed a single second of this so-called “reality” TV programming trend (unless you count some COPS…I love me some COPS). Def haven’t checked out Big Brother so I’ll have to rely on my brothers from UvT to run it back for me.

    That said, I’m not sure I can buy Ollie the Pimp. Is that gay face in Photo 1? I didn’t watch the NSFW video but the UvT editorial warning about the audio, coupled with Ollie’s penchant for getting down under cover puts this dude on my D(own) L(ow) watch list. I don’t expect these freaks to completely expose themselves to the world but based on the very limited knowledge I have of Ollie’s behavior, he seems a little suspect. Just sayin’.

  2. RosyF Says:

    Excuse Me. Am I the only one who is shocked by this. I know I am slow on the whole Big Brother thing and I know the show is UvT approved and I have watched enough to keep up with the post. But this outrageous. They are humping on a network tv reality show. I basically got tricked into watching a sex tape. I feel dirty.

  3. KIR in NV Says:

    Ha! Paris reminds me of the oppossum that used to roll up on the back patio of KIR-land when I was growing up. All vacant eyed and dumbfounded. Prolly eats dog food too. Ick!

  4. Will Says:

    dayum that dude is beating THEM GUTS!! 😛

  5. paul mcdowell Says:

    i hate to see a black guy and a white chick together. at least shes ugly. he can have her.

  6. Allisio Rex Says:

    I’ve never seen such insulting and disgusting inter-racial display. I know that White-women love the anything Black, but the “Blonde April” and the very ugly “Ollie” could have been more discreet.
    Not that is right for a White women to be with a Black man and vice-versa but this show sucks. The producers shouldn’t have allowed such scenes to be viewed by millions.
    Now that April is gone let’s see what Ollie it’s going to do without a White woman.Certainly, the other women aren’t going for him!
    This is enough to make me hate 99% of the White women and 100% of the Black men.

  7. Keely Says:

    You guys are races and stupid. If they want to get together anmd have sex, thats thier life. Its red neck races bums like you guys that make white look so bad now. Get a life you fat ugly slobs and stop worrying about others people sex life. You just keep masterbating and wishing you could get somebody of any race

  8. charock barkley Says:

    I wont be voting for obama now!

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