Best Rapper Alive: Lil Wayne – Whip It


It’s funny because my boy Brock put me onto this song with one line:

Pimpin’ over here
And I aint Santa Claus but I can make it Rain, Dear

Does it get any better than that?  Perfect.  Anyway, when I went to the whole song this shit was just great.  I need to put this in the ride posthaste.

Those slave references are aggressive, but the flow be progressive.  Yall like my little flow?  AHNT  lol  This cat clearly has the best flow right now.

– Lake

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13 Responses to “Best Rapper Alive: Lil Wayne – Whip It”

  1. Lu Says:

    One word: NO. No way in hell this guy is Best Rapper Alive. He’s a nonsensical drug-taking clown.

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    haa, fair point. but he’s the most entertaining rapper alive, no? who’s better Lu?

  3. Trane Says:

    I totally agree with Lu. Lil Wayne is terrible! He is entertaining if you like drunk incoherent rappers.
    You tube Ras Kass and you will hear lyrics that actually mean something.
    Here is a sample from “Soul on Ice” (Remix):
    The waterproof MC, you ain’t wettin’ me
    You need to stop rappin’ and start robbin’ banks like Steady B
    Cause see, no matter how much green you make
    You never taste the avocado, just another broke Versace model
    Tiger Woods ain’t even up to par in the game of survival
    That’s why I’m pissin’ in y’all Cristal bottles
    Drink Listerine, brush my teeth with amphetamines
    So I can sound fresh and say dope things in between.

    lil Wayne never has come like that!

  4. Will Says:

    Trane -thanx for that Ras Kass line!

    Yeh Lil Wayne is prob the most entertaining rapper – right now…which ain’t saying much about the rap game IMO. But I’ll give him points for letting that purple take him to other levels. I’ve seen/heard his freestyles when he ain’t so gone off that water – dude CAN BE sick and coherent lol. But I know Wheezy is the crowd favorite ’round these parts so…:-P

  5. Trane Says:

    Will- I got way mor Ras Kass quotes that will trump Weezy.
    I had to listen to old Wayne for comparison. Right now I’m listening to Bling, Bling. He is way more understandable and actually better lyrically and he was about 17 then. He needs to stay off that courage juice, purple pills, hyphy pills or whatever he does.

  6. Weezy 4 Prez Says:

    Yall are crazy. Ras Kass? Wasn’t he the next big thing 5 years ago? Listen, there’s a reason why Wayne is popular, because he’s got hot lyrics and charisma. You guys bring up these bullshit minor league rappers like anybody cares. It’s just like saying Hot Sauce is the illest, sure, he’s a decent street baller, but Allen Iverson will bust his ass when the real deal comes. Wayne is the real thing, his latest album is GREAT and I enjoy. Look, whenever you have success, you get haterz.. Yall just some haterz right now. Make It Rain, Stuntin Like My Daddy, Duffle Bag, his album, the Drought 3, Prefix, all that shit. Wayne has murdered the game for 24 straight months. Ras Kass? That motherfucker is working fries right now.

  7. Lu Says:

    He could quite possibly be the most entertaining, but he will NEVER be the best. That honor belongs to my namesake lol

  8. Manuva Says:

    @ Weezy 4 Prez: Absolutely agree. Wayne has been killin’ it for the past year now, and even before that he was on the rise. The dude just puts in work consistently in all his hits, freestyles, and guest appearances. Wayne is responsible for selling more mixtapes and for feeding the families of Jamaican dudes on street corners pushin bootlegs.

    Now don’t get it twisted like I don’t understand that backpack rapper bullshit. Underground rappers have been bringing heat to their lyrics for ages now, but there’s something about swagger that sells records. As hip-hop history has shown us, your underground witty cats like Canibus, Ras Kass, Chino XL, etc. have all consistently underperformed despite having killer flow and ridiculous wordplay/punches. However, it’s cats like Weezy that bring swagger, which leads to his creativity, that’s been killin the game lately.

    The whole “best-rapper-alive” thing is just some swag. It’s obviously not truth when dudes like Nas and Jay-Z still spit.

  9. stizzo Says:

    anybody that hates lil wayne is indirectly funding terrorism. you can’t hate the dude. its like hating mitch hedberg, he’s on a whole other plane of his art.

  10. Merlot Says:

    I love weezy.

  11. Will Says:

    Just becuz we’re not on the Lil Wayne bandwagon doesn’t mean we ‘hate’ the guy. Non-interest does not translate into hatin’. I been down with Cash Money since B.G. ‘True Story’… mainstream America is just now catching up and all the sudden he’s one of the best ever? not.

  12. Donstris Says:

    Lil Wayne is the worst, he believes he is better than JayZ and wants to be mentioned when Biggie and 2Pac is mentioned, NEVER he is not and will never been anywhere near as talented as Biggie, JayZ, or 2Pac. His songs and lyrics has no meaning no storyline, it’s just pure bull I can’t stand him as a artist

  13. Skuill Says:


    Your take on things is pretty damn close to the truth, just one thing you didnt mention, Lil wayne happens to be a terrible rapper/artist, Hes the only self proclaimed freestyle artist that never actually battled, i would bet not only everything i own, but my own life that if he was to battle nas, youd never hear the name weezy unless your talking about that homeless guy that shits himself and talks to your neighbors dead cat at the local bus stop.

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