Some Pictures Don’t Require Words


But when have you known me to stay quiet?

And yeah, I know I’m late and this picture IS fairly creepy, but Kim K. is Ray Jay/Reggie Bush tested and UvT approved, so she’ll always get positive press on this blog.

Oh yeah, Kimmy K is an attractive Armenian-American…with pretty teeth.

– Lake


This would be way more intriguing if we could just imagine Kim Kardashian was good in bed and gave good head.  Unfortunately (fortunately?) we know both aren’t true.  I mean, I’ve heard both aren’t true.


2 Responses to “Some Pictures Don’t Require Words”

  1. Will Says:

    yo Kim K got them timeless Sophia Loren features; she gon be hot at 30, 40, fitty, hell… 60!

  2. Be On It Says:

    With surgery willy boy, with surgery. She stay with cats with stacks for a reason. Pick a euro chick that ain’t been 90210’d up and i will give you (and her props). Til then, calm down.

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