Angela Simmons: Where’d She Get That Ass?


So I’m bumping around the web (do people still call it ‘the web’?) and I run into this picture of Angela Simmons, from Run’s House fame, with an extra accessory that I never saw her with before:

Say whuuud?  Are yall catching that?  First off, it looks like she’s lost about 20 or so pounds, which is typical chicks who go out to LA.

She does look good, too.  Skinny works for her.

But any dude with any sort of chick acumen understands that lots of babes are hiding fabulous frames under extra lovin’.  But see, I just can’t go there with this one.  First off, previous pictures don’t reveal a promising bone structure that would produce an upgrade via downgrade.

Uh, no. I don’t see much there.  I spoke to Brock about it earlier and I basically chalked it up to a lucky shot in that first purple dress side shot, which may or may not have been aided by excessive arse clinch (kinda like when they don’t count the world records in track and field due to too much wind).  The one factor that makes me really wonder if there might be some hidden thunder there?  Bow wow.  Dasrite.  It just seems to me that Bow Wow stays with decent babes.  He had Ciara, Dolicia Bryant and yes, Angela Simmons!

I don’t know, something about dude makes me wonder if she might have a lil something extra.  After all, don’t forget that Andre 3000 was up on that Badu before anyone knew she had what she had.

Nice effort from Angela though.

I know, I know.

– Lake

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