Who in the hell is Jason Bay?


That’s just an open question for any of you sports fans out there.  And yes, this shit is so wild to me that I had to go ahead and post TWICE on it.

And once you answer that question, tell me if you’d rather have him or ME, Lakey the Player, out in left field for the Sawks?  Wait, let me get this straight, the Sox traded arguably the best hitter in the American League for THIS DUDE?

Unless this mufucka can swim with the pigeons or fly with the fishes, I want nothing to do with him.  Seriously, I’m rethinking my affiliation with this team.  Cats win a couple world titles and then start to lose their minds.  Who do they think was swinging that damn bat, THEO?

Somebody get Barry Bonds on the phone.  UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!

– Pissed

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3 Responses to “Who in the hell is Jason Bay?”

  1. RosyF Says:

    Lake, I am in deep denial. Seriously, this is like a phone conversation that leads to an arugument that leads to a break up and you still can’t believe it.

  2. tgrizzle Says:

    jason bay is an absolute stud. the guy hits for power, average, rbi’s, and is ten times better than manny in the field. manny is the best hitter, but he had to go.

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Are you serious? Did you watch Manny this weekend? He “had to go” because of the front office’s incompetence. That’s like saying we have to win in Iraq…sure, but only because Bush is the asshole who put us in there under false pretenses. I don’t buy that “he had to go” bullshit and you shouldn’t either. It’s just a creation to pacify the masses, like Chicken McNuggets.

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