TO Uses Pacman at Cowboys Camp


With all the foolishness about Pacman Jones cats really forgot to remember whether or not dude is really that nice at football to begin with. I know he was a big draft pic and all, but TO really got him with this double move, peep it:

A little rusty hey there Pac? Look, it was all good when you were wilin out at the skrip club, whoopin ass, and causing general mayhem back in the day, because we all believed you were good enough to be worth the headache. But don’t let cats realize that you’re just another dude with a bad attitude along with a standard 3.2 year NFL career. Actually, let me get angle two on that joint.

All… Now see, you can’t let TO finesse you like that. The big thing with TO is that he can phys you up and THEN finesse you a little bit too.  Wouldn’t it be terrible if Pacman didn’t get reinstated after all this?  I mean, what is Roger Goodell trying to prove with that anyway?  I guess he’s just giving dude enough rope to hang himself.  Free Pacman I say.

– Lake

4 Responses to “TO Uses Pacman at Cowboys Camp”

  1. stizzo Says:

    that’s how badass the cowboys are this year baby, we pwn ourselves

  2. Will Says:

    @stizzo: haha tru dat. if nothing else the Cowboys are always entertaining to watch

  3. Bill Parcells Says:

    That video is just another indicator of how nice TO actually is on the field. Pacman is a upper-echelon corner (quick feet, aggressive, makes plays on the ball, strong) and TO just abused him. If the Cowboys can get a legit #2 receiver, they should be ridiculously nice this year.

  4. G Willy Says:

    …or it shows you how suspect the Cowboys defensive secondary is. If TO can do that to PacMan, imagine what Steve Smith, Randy Moss, Chad Johnson, Plaxico, and Hines Ward are gonna do to him. And don’t let a 2 receiver team come play the ‘Boys. Double coverage on their good receiver to make up for PacMan’s slack, coupled with single coverage on the other receiver, TD’s allday. Hope TO can score like 50 a game. He better be prepared to break Randy’s numbers this year.

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