Say what you want, but Kardashian pics never get old


Bumping around the web today and I’m just doing my thing. Yep, there’s Amy Crackhouse’s pops saying she went to the hospital b/c of a ruffie in her drank. Ok, there’s the one Kardashian sister I don’t care about (the one that looks like Chyna). Yep, Nick Hogan is still an asshole and then it hit me. What do you ask? THIS!

“Get sillaaaaaay.” Dude, you’d think after a while that you’d stop being shocked by that Kardashian tail. But I’m here to tell you, it gets me every time. And by the way, those horizontal stripes don’t do much to tone down the thunderous rage she’s got going on trunk side.

Damn. And while we’re talking about it, why do women have to grab up on the J’s when they’re looking in the mirror at the store? Realistically, what are you figuring out when you grip on up? Is it like a dude when he’s got to reposition his junk? I don’t get it, but in the case of Kimmy K, it can only be a good thing.

Hey, cats can hate, but this is a really bad chick. I actually like that dress. Look at me getting sucked in.

And yes, that dress does make your ass look big. This chick being featured daily can’t be good for many relationships out here. Kim is really fucking up the game. I can’t even lie.

– Lake

5 Responses to “Say what you want, but Kardashian pics never get old”

  1. Will Says:

    Gyoooottt DAMN!
    to paraphrase Jay-Z…’Funny how one [ass] can fuck up the game.’
    Dawg this is the exact same shit that happened about 6, 7 yrs ago when Vida Guerra first hit the scene: Fucked the game alllll up! Kim K taking it to that other level 😀

  2. ladylove Says:

    kim k ass is full of hydrogel
    and you just keep dreamin that its real

    reason that i know this is the lady that did mine …did hers and everybody else in LA

    all of our asses look just like that and you can take that to the bank

    i will call her out any day of the week cause she knows she had injections and not just once

    it takes 3 to 5 visits to get ass like that she spent 5000 dollars and went in 5 times

    you better google hydrogel ass injections and stop playin


    I personally dont care one way or another if her ass is fake… It still looks a million times better than a flat ass or a muffin hahahaha. The chick is bangin dddddddaaaaaaaayum GINA!!!! I was initially not a fan of Kim K ….. but you cant help but to stare!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so LADYLOVE now can you tell me who this chick is that gives these injections so I can look like that for only $5000….

  4. Be On It Says:

    Not feeling fakey fake Kim K. I read somewhere that Reggie was “encouraging” her to run the dunes with him. Guess he knows what she looks like between treatments…Hahaha…

    And, I have never grabbed my Js when trying on clothes. Since my J game is underfunded, I asked a few of my more well endowed friends. Apparently, sluts and girls with fake tits grab them. Chesty girls that don’t fall into those categories readjust without molesting themselves.

    And sorry, I will never ever give the title of the “Baddest” chick to someone who bought it. I don’t care what she looks like.

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    “Apparently, sluts and girls with fake tits grab them.”


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